NMPi & Bathstore Partner with IC Tomorrow to Help Solve Digital Industry Challenge

IC Tomorrow Technology Competition

For retailers, understanding the consumer path to purchase is challenging as people experience multiple online and offline touch points throughout a sales journey. Generic online searches that do not include the brand’s name create a more difficult problem to solve when trying to determine the cause of consumer’s online search and motivations that encourage purchase.

Increasingly, retailers and digital media agencies want to understand the value of Above The Line (ATL) advertising, conventionally television commercials, and the effect that this has on their online paid search advertising; more specifically with the use of generic keyword searches.

NMPi is out to help solve this industry challenge with the support of Innovate UK’s current IC Tomorrow challenge themed around Intelligent Data Insights. Innovate UK is a government programme that removes barriers for up-and-coming entrepreneurs by offering assistance though funding, webinars, conferences, competitions and community support.

The contest will give innovators across various trades the chance to win £210,000 in funding (up to £35,000 each). In addition, the winners will receive mentoring, promotion, and the opportunity to work alongside six industry giants:IBM Watson, Barclays, London City Airport, Carnival Corporation, Office of National Statistics and NMPi with bathstore. IC Tomorrow is looking for innovators with fresh perspectives on artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor-led technologies to offer solutions to current business challenges.

Entrepreneurs will have access to NMPi and bathstore’s insights and expertise in order to help them develop innovative data analysis tools, processes and machine learning techniques that enhance the impact assessment of ATL advertising, primarily television and video advertising, on online paid search.

NMPi Operational Director, Joe Comotto, remarked on the frustration digital marketers are encountering when trying to connect ATL advertising and paid search,“Nobody’s been able to really solve this to a level that is actually portable and scalable to a customer or advertiser. The challenge for us is being able to understand the value of the TV advertising that was done and relate that back to that generic keyword search term…So we’re really looking for somebody to provide a solution that is able to integrate with the other platforms that are available on the market today.”

NMPi is a strong supporter of innovation and research. The IC Tomorrow programme enables us to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology while giving back to the community by partnering with the next generation in paid search evolution. A resolution to this dilemma would dramatically alter and improve the digital advertising landscape. We look forward to participating in this year’s IC Tomorrow challenge.

NMPi’s Parent Company, incuBeta, and DQ&A Media Group create £70 million Digital Merger

[Cape Town, Thursday, 5 November 2015] – incuBeta Group and DQ&A Media Group announce their merger, offering clients enhanced services and access to new markets.

The merged company has over 400 full-time staff, with 13 offices worldwide, implementing DoubleClick ad-tech solutions and running digital marketing campaigns across 100 countries.

Both groups have large Cape Town offices, with incuBeta companies operational in the UK, Australia, Singapore, China and Kenya. DQ&A Media Group brands are active in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

The combined companies specialise in programmatic media, search and web analytics – delivering measurable results for top-tier clients.

“We have created one of the world’s largest, independent, international groups of digital agencies,” says Rick van Boekel, CEO of DQ&A Media Group. “From a geographical, services and products perspective, we are 100% complementary.”

incuBeta Group CEO, Alan Lipschitz, is equally positive about the opportunities the merger presents.

He explains, “The evolving digital market requires companies that understand the technology, are data leaders, and who can give clients a performance-driven solution that results from an integrated approach to search, display and other digital services. There is now increased depth of talent in our combined teams, with real world innovation and numerous thought leaders in our space.”

“We are delighted to see two valued partners, DQ&A Media Group and incuBeta Holdings, come together. The merger offers a global solution that continues to ensure that consumer messaging is more relevant than ever,” says Frank Einecke, Managing Director Media Buying Solutions EMEA at DoubleClick by Google.

Operationally, the merger presents additional opportunities for incuBeta and DQ&A’s country offices, with management and operations teams able to expand in search, display and other specialised services.

“This is a shot-in-the-arm for the South African digital media industry,” says incuBeta Group Executive, Jonathan Gluckman. “Further proof that we have the skillsets, expertise and track record to not only compete internationally with confidence but, also, win and keep business from the biggest global brands.”

incuBeta is the holding company of NMPi (formerly Net Media Planet), Clicks2Customers and Interface, and is highly regarded for its expertise in search engine marketing and optimisation, analytics and full digital services.

In the merger with DQ&A, specialists in digital display marketing, programmatic media buying and technology services, the merged entity becomes a significant digital solutions player.

Future plans include further strategic acquisitions, adding key services and opening markets to the group’s global client base.

About incuBeta Marketing Group

incuBeta is a South African-based global marketing performance group, providing local and international clients with leading digital advertising services and media solutions. The group has rapidly expanded since inception in 1995, acquiring companies offering specialized digital and media services in various territories around the world.

Key Group Companies:  Clicks2Customers, NMPi (UK ), NMPi South Africa , Interface

Specialized Services: Search marketing, web and data analytics, social media, SEO, multi-channel digital strategies, display marketing, UX, web design and development.

Core Territories:   South Africa, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore.

International Clients Include:  Standard Chartered Bank, South African Tourism, Europcar, Mweb, Uniglo, Old Mutual, Kulula.com, Pac Brands Group, Bing Lee, Fisher and Paykel, Woolworths Group, The Warehouse Group, Prudential, Times Asia, INTI International University and Colleges.




About DQ&A Media Group

DQ&A Media Group is a (Netherlands-based) digital marketing company, specializing in the delivery of leading technologies, data management and high-performance marketing solutions to clients across Europe and the United States. Founded in 2001, the group operates from 7 offices, ensuring high-level of support at all hours.

Key Group Companies:  DQ&A One, Adsimilis, Admazing

Specialized Services: Display marketing, digital marketing technology (DoubleClick stack), programmatic trading desk, lead generation and affiliate, strategy and creation, multilingual campaign management, consultancy and business intelligence.

Core Territories:  The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, USA

International Clients Include:  KPN, Swisscom, Transavia.com, Ahold, JustFab, Universal Music, Meetic



Net Media Planet is Evolving

We’re thrilled to announce that after over a decade on the digital marketing scene, Net Media Planet is evolving. As of today, Net Media Planet will be known as NMP, and along with our name change we will be launching a contemporary new brand.

Rebranding isn’t just about the cosmetic changes. For us it is about the long process in the evolution of a brand; reviewing where we’ve come from and where we want to be in the future. With the launch of our new brand we will also be introducing a new website nmpidigital.com, which since you are on our blog have probably realised. We hope you find our case studies useful for gaining in-depth industry knowledge.

We’ve expanded over the past 11 years and witnessed some tremendous changes in the industry as well as in our offices. Our company is rapidly expanding. We will be seeing many new faces join our fantastic team, and we’re looking forward to welcoming our newest team members to the NMP family.

As a company we will continue to stand behind our core values which will not change, we still embody our beliefs:
Dare to Lead, Exceed Expectations, Earn Trust and Help Others Succeed. Our clients, and colleagues will still see the same high level quality of service and product.

We’re looking forward to the next 10 years and hope that you will join us in celebrating this important occasion in our history.

New Journeys

Dear friends,

I wanted to share some news from my side, having sold the business I have decided to move on from Net Media Planet.

It has been an amazing journey from seed of an idea and founding the business 11 years ago right through to this day.

I am immensely proud of the business and team – the amazing reputation we have in the industry, the great work we produce for clients, and our superb culture. The industry accolades say and mean a lot to me – from high growth entrepreneurship awards such as winning Entrepreneur of the Year, being listed in the Sunday Times Tech Track, and Deloitte Tech 50 and 500 across Europe fastest growing businesses through to over 30 industry awards for digital innovation.

Thank you for your partnership, business and faith in me as Founder and CEO.

The NMP business is in great shape and I am super excited for the team! A broadened management team is in place with Joe Comotto taking up the role of Operations Director, Sophie Kleiner rising to Head of Search and Damien Bennett starting a new and exciting role as Head of Strategy. They are primed for the next journey!

Of course I am sad to leave my team and my NMP ‘baby,’ but I am also excited about the future.

All the very best,

LinkedIn Linkedin.com/srisharma
twitter @srisharma

Net Media Planet Speaks at Interact London

Net Media Planet’s own Andrew Turner, Head of Display Partnerships, will be joining Neverblue as a speaker at Interact London.

Date: 28 May, 2015 from 18:00 – 22:00
Location: Grange Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, EC4V 5AJ

The seminar promises to be an educational evening with the opportunity to deepen your insights into the world of Affiliate Marketing. Turner joins two other experienced industry guest speakers, and will share his insights into the future of Display advertising.

As the fastest growing digital advertising channel, online Display advertising is rapidly becoming a critical channel for UK advertisers.

He will explore how marketers should adapt their strategies to future developments in online Display advertising in order to maximise their online performance across multiple channels and devices.

The evening will commence with refreshments and finger food in the Atrium of the hotel.

This is a free event to attend. For more information or to register visit http://signup.neverblue.com/interact/2015/london/index.html

My Life at Net Media Planet

I came from Germany to London to do my Internship at Net Media Planet (NMP) as part of my apprenticeship in correspondence and languages. My goal for the 6 weeks I was spending in London was to learn as much as possible, though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As I entered the bright and friendly NMP office I was greeted by Digby, my supervisor during my time here, who introduced me to every person of the company as new member of the sales team. I was pleasantly surprised. From that first moment on everybody treated me like a new colleague; nobody ever called me an Intern. I feel like that really gave me the chance to see the company from a different side and connect better with my fellow colleagues.

Week 1:

In the first week I had a lot of training where people of all different departments took the time to show and teach me parts of what they were doing. I got an Introduction to PPC, Display and AdWords and was taught how to use NMP’s internal programs for analysing and interpreting data. Even though my head was spinning after this week, the training was extremely beneficial as it gave me a good overview of the different steps of Digital Marketing.

Week 2:

As soon as the second week started, I became more and more involved in the tasks of the sales team and internal meetings. I started to work on prospect and website analysis. We also started preparing for the World Travel Market with the Marketing Team. I experienced the work behind event preparation and was allowed to attend the event myself. This was a great experience as I saw and applied networking skills for one of the largest Travel conferences worldwide.

Week 3:

In the third week I had the chance to prepare exploratory meeting analysis, which included creating reports and pulling chart data for a range of prospective meetings. I also began the evaluation of current sector reports to find the best prospects for the sales team to contact. Through analysing our sector report data, I could discover the weaknesses in their Digital Marketing Strategies. This helped me in developing an eye for what’s important in a good Marketing Strategy. Also, the whole company went to a “Community Farm Day” on Thursday. It was a great day and I had the chance to work in a team with people I hadn’t worked with before.

Week 4:

Fourth week already and somehow I have the feeling time is running faster at NMP. That week I attended very inspiring presentations, including “The Highs and Lows – 5 Principles of Success” with Derek Redmond at the Digital Marketing Show. Also, I had the chance to write a few blog articles for NMP’s website. This was great as I had the chance to research and learn more about different topics in the world of Marketing and Business. For example, the new Twitter “Buy” Button, Facebook’s business site and dynamic text ads. I was also invited to join the new employees of Net Media Planet to visit the Google Offices, as Google is one of their partners. That was truly amazing! I would have never thought that I would have the chance to see one of the largest companies globally within my time here. This was also the week we moved from Farringdon to Angel to a brand new office, which was very inspiring. To see this amazing company grow truly makes me happy.

Week 5:

The fifth week was a week of growth. They now have a bigger office and I have the feeling the company has grown to a new level with this office move. I’m already excited to see what they are going to achieve in the future. I worked on the creation of new sector reports which contain more relevant search terms to ensure that we get the most relevant data for potential clients. For me, again, a great week.

What more to say?

From day one I was astonished by the atmosphere in the company. I read on the company website that their philosophy is “to treat people fairly, support individual growth and to enjoy working”, but truly I haven’t seen any place in my life that implemented this philosophy as well as NMP. They really take care of their people. I can’t thank everybody enough for supporting me in my biggest task of all, to learn as much as possible, especially Digby, Lisa and my team. I’d like to thank them for making my time here so amazing. It did not just help me with PPC marketing and English skills but also with my whole career and personally I learned a lot! I’m truly thankful for the opportunity and can say it was the right decision to come to NMP for my internship.
As my time here is now coming to an end, I look back on a beneficial and worthwhile internship that is going to help my future career more than I could have ever expected.
Thank you NMP!

Net Media Planet speak alongside Yandex and Baidu in New York

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at the upcoming Third Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Congress on 3rd March 2014 in New York. In hosting the panel discussion, we will be joined by Yandex, and Baidu’s exclusive European partner, CharmClick.


The event has been designed to coincide with the launch of hundreds of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) which look set to revolutionise the way that brands market themselves online.


The emergence of the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) will give brands the opportunity to transition from .com to .BRAND or to generic TLDs such as .London, .Club, .Tickets, .Vegas, .Finance, .Hotel.


Our panel will discuss what the new TLDs will mean for the future of Search, and explore how brands can use this opportunity to target new markets, new customers and new revenue streams to lead the way in a new digital era.


new gtlds image


In the session, delegates will hear how the leading global search engines will respond to the new TLDs and learn how they intend to manage and index the new TLDs alongside existing domains.
The panel will also discuss how brands can use the new TLDs to redefine their online presence and better reflect their business objectives, markets and products through their domain URLs.


This major industry event will bring together global brands to learn and share how best to exploit the new approaches for brand engagement and online marketing strategies that will best position their brands for future online growth.


For more information on the event please visit: http://momentumevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/133W14_gTLD_011414_v11.pdf


Please click here to reserve your space and be a part of the next big thing for brands.

Facebookers Feed On New Ad Format

Facebook have recently introduced new ad formats to encourage ‘objective-based’ ad buying and reporting. These objectives are defined as driving traffic; getting more likes; increasing event attendance, and, promoting app installs. Facebook then recommends which ad format you should use based on which objective you would like to achieve.


Newsfeed Ads – How it works


Of particular interest is the introduction of newsfeed ads. Ads can now appear in the newsfeed, blending into the users social updates. These ads can be created at the same time as right hand ads, with the option to opt in or out of either ad format.


Facebook Newsfeed Ad


 Overview of newsfeed ads


1. Use of larger images – 600×315 pixels


The option to use larger images is a big bonus. However, be warned, Facebook will still shrink your side ad image resulting in an image ratio that is not appropriate for the right hand column. To avoid this, duplicate the ad and upload a new image, opting out of either the newsfeed or side ad depending on the image size.


2. Additional description text of 90 characters


It’s important to remember that the newsfeed ad has a different layout. Due to its larger size, the main copy is above the headline and the description text appears below the headline, next to the image. This may impact user interaction if the same copy is being used for both your newsfeed and side ad.


3. Option to connect to a Facebook page, enabling social interaction


The newsfeed ads also benefit from social integration, allowing users to like, comment, share or link through to the associated Facebook page. This is an important tool for brand awareness but do keep an eye on the comments. Many Facebook users are upset by ads now being shown in their newsfeed and may unleash their anger on your ad!


Initial Test


We have recently tested the newsfeed ads alongside the traditional side ads for a retail client. The purpose of the campaign was to drive footfall to a new store opening. Both ads had the same targeting – city radius targeting combined with interest targeting. Both ads linked to a custom landing page, giving the details of the new store. Both ads mentioned an enticing offer if the user visited the store in the ad copy. Both ads used similar images, although the newsfeed ad was of larger dimensions.


Test Results


The results are very interesting. Click through rate was over 6000% greater for the newsfeed ad than the traditional side ad, at a lower cpc of £0.20 compared with £0.33. Added to this, the newsfeed ad benefitted from social engagement. In one week we generated 160 post likes, 18 comments and 5 post shares. Considering the purpose of the campaign was to promote a new store opening, the social interaction is an added bonus at no extra cost.


We believe that over time newsfeed ad cpcs will rocket. Their premium page position and social integration make them a great ad format – our advice would be to jump on the band wagon quickly and take advantage whilst they are so cost effective!

Mo way back for Team Net Modia Planet

Happy 1st of Movember. The gentlement of Net Media Planet have brushed down their rusty razors and started the month with a clean shave in aid of prostate cancer.

We are proud to present the Net Media Planet Movember team on Day 1 of the fund raising Movember cause:


Team Net Modia Planet on Day 1

*some additional faces will be joining the team on their return next week


And for our Managing Director, Sri Sharma, a special mention. After a lifetime of having a well fashioned goatie, Sri has taken the brave step of removing the trusted face piece and starting all over again. Commendable support of a worthy cause from our formiddable MoFounder. Enjoy the evidence of this once in a decade event right here:

And if you would like to donate to Team Net Media Planet, your support will be greatly appreciated:
Donate to Team Net Modia Planet

Watch this space for weekly progress updates.

Movember at Net Media Planet

It’s the middle of Movember here at Net Media Planet HQ, so we thought now is as good a time as any to point people towards our effort and show off some of our progress. Movember, for the uninitiated, is a month-long charity event designed to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically (but not exclusively) prostate cancer.


Prostate and testicular cancer are the top two types of cancer affecting men. According to Cancer Research UK, prostate cancer was responsible for over 10,000 deaths in 2008 – and that was just in the UK. There is an urgent need to help raise awareness about these diseases and help educate people about the importance of regular health checks and properly funded cancer research. We at NMP believe this is a fantastic cause, and thus duly got involved.
On 1 Movember, all male participants (Mo Bros, as they are called) showed up with a clean-shaven face and have been proceeding to grow and groom their moustaches over the last few weeks. You can view some of the results below or over on our Flickr page.


We’ve been on dates and to friends’ weddings, all with our moustaches proudly on display. Here’s what some of our Mo Bros have said about their Movember experience:
“There’s no way I’m going to keep my moustache, but I get the feeling it will be missed nevertheless.”
“I was explaining Movember to a pretty female when my mate rudely interrupted me and just said: ‘Borat’.”
“Wearing a ‘tache last seen on the set of Magnum PI has been a month of hell, with even close friends refusing to stand within a safe distance. I hope others appreciate the long evenings spent maintaining this beast and give generously!”
“All the stares, the double takes and the fact I’ve absorbed a yeti on my face go out the window for such a great cause.’’
“I’ve never had a moustache before, but this one’s definitely growing on me.”
Growing a moustache has been unusual for most of us, but the hassle of shaving every day has been dwarfed by the great cause and the success: at the moment of writing, we’ve already raised over £1,000!
But as we’ve got another couple of weeks to go, we’re hoping to double this amount – especially as Net Media Planet will match whatever its employees raise. So please, donate what you can over on our Movember team page (captained by the superbly ‘tached Andrew Turner). All proceeds go directly to The Prostate Cancer Charity, who then allocate funds to their different programs.