#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Ben Parameswaran

Current Occupation?
Programmatic Account Executive

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
It is always evolving! Constant growth in this field keeps you on your toes and brings new ways to achieve success with a client. It can push you out of your comfort zones at times, but ultimately that is a good thing.

Favourite aspect of your job?
The obvious answer is the variety of clients that I have handled in the few weeks I have been here.
It’s a hands-on sort of job that gives you room to try out ideas for various campaigns.
Coming from a completely different background, it has been a great challenge.

Why did you choose NMPi?
The people I met during my interview process and my team. Everyone was busy, but not uptight; you aren’t micro-managed. Progress is completely determined by your effort, I love that!

What projects are you working on now?
Between training sessions I’ve been helping build campaigns, create reports, and attend meetings with a number of different clients.

5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Craig Brown

Current Occupation?
Account Director

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
The sheer amount of data that is available and the speed at which learnings can be made! This means that digital marketing is starting to shape full marketing strategies rather than being a bolt on.

Favourite aspect of your job?
The variety. No day is ever the same, which keeps it fresh. It can be difficult at times because there’s always something that I’m never quite sure how to do, but that’s part of the fun.

Why did you choose NMPi?
I didn’t know what PPC was before I started here! But I chose NMPi based on the feel of the office while I was here interviewing. I chose the company rather than the job!

What projects are you working on now?
Working with Hellocar as a start-up, who want to disrupt the car buying sector by creating an eCommerce site where people can buy the car online without seeing it. Helping them define their brand, target market,08 and place within the industry is really exciting.

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#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Alice Malthouse

Current Occupation?
Senior Programmatic Account Executive

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
It’s great how fast-paced the industry is, things change really quickly!

Favourite aspect of your job?
I love finding out about all the new and exciting technology that has come to market that we can use in our campaigns.I also love telling my clients all about the new and exciting features they can use in their campaigns.

Why did you choose NMPi?
Everyone was really friendly and they were passionate about the industry.

What projects are you working on now?
I’m getting up to speed with a range of social platforms and then I’m off to a DoubleClick event to represent the company in Dublin!

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#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Paul Risebury-Crisp

Current Occupation?
Account Director

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
Clarity and accountability. When you do something that works, it’s easy to attribute success – and if you do something that doesn’t work, you can find out why quickly!

Favourite aspect of your job?
I love the variety of working with clients across different industries – different seasonal trends, different user-bases, different risks, issues, and opportunities. It keeps things exciting; means there’s always something new to be involved with and it makes you a bit of a Jack-of-all-sectors.

Why did you choose NMPi?
I bought in to the management team members that I met – I thought they were A) smart and B) nice. That’s what I like in a manager/director.

What projects are you working on now?
I’m working on taking two clients to new ways of working with the agency, and bringing two teams closer together to manage channels more holistically. I’m also helping clients push conversion volume and efficiency across the board, while continuing to put time in to developing my team to get them ready for the next stages of their careers.

My First Week at NMPi

William Alexander, Junior Insight AnalystWilliam Alexander
Junior Insight Analyst

When I graduated from Leicester with a Masters in Geology back in 2015, frankly, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I knew it probably didn’t lie in Geology. To be honest, I just fell into my first job with little real world experience. I learned about the dynamic and exciting world of digital marketing running in-house PPC search advertising campaigns. The job wasn’t for me because I wasn’t given enough freedom to do the analysis and research at work that I loved doing during my uni years. When I saw the “Junior Insight Analyst” position at NMPi, I thought it seemed too good to be true; a digital marketing analytical role in the heart of London. It was pretty much everything I wanted, after realizing how much I enjoyed digital marketing.

During my first week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Scottish Highlands for a team weekend away. The trip events included skiing, whiskey tasting, a spa day, capped off by a fancy dress party. It was a really great way to meet everyone, and get to know the members of my team. I also learned more about whiskey than I ever thought possible!

After the weekend away, everyone seemed eager to get back to business on Monday morning. My first day was full of Google Analytics training and meeting teams to learn where everyone fit into the company. The rest of the week was similar, but coming from a digital marketing background, training and team explanations have gone quickly.

I’ve already had the opportunity to start mixing in a bit of client analytics work and meetings, while earning my Google Analytics and DoubleClick certifications. My first Friday afternoon I was able to attend the company “Knowledge Share,” these meetings are held every week and each team gets the opportunity to share the work they have been doing. The week ends with highlights including client wins, presentations, and events.

Joining NMPi’s newly formed Analytics division is what excites me the most about working at NMPi. The potential for growth and to better myself is huge. NMPi puts a heavy emphasis on making the most out of their employees. This is not only great for the individual, but great for the client and company as well. If your workforce is well trained, and recognized amongst the elite, you get excellent results and go beyond expectations. All in all, a very good first week and I look forward to many more to come.

How to Prepare for an Interview in Digital Marketing

Everyday, thousands of interviews take place across the country. At this particular time of the year, university graduates are flooding the market and job boards with their CVs trying to secure their first jobs. Competition is stiff, and if you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to impress your prospective employer with more than just a fancy piece of paper.

While companies do look at your credentials, and take marks into consideration, a good chunk of the final decision comes down to soft skills and company fit, i.e., do you match the organization’s culture and values? Interviews are part of what determines that equation. Interviews are your chance to shine and show them who you are, and what you’re like to work with on a day-to-day basis. Looking good on paper is only one piece of the puzzle, so before you set off, CV in hand, here are some reminders of how to give yourself the edge over your competition and clinch the postion.

Know thy Employer and Know More Than the Next Guy
This goes without saying, but do your research about the company. Before you jump online and start memorising random bits of information from the company website, dig a little deeper. Every other candidate will be doing the same thing. Knowing how many people work there, what they sell, or what their services are is just a starting point. Were they recently in the news? What are they posting on sites like LinkedIn? Do they have a blog and if so, what does it talk about? Are they global? Who is their target consumer/client? Check their Glass Door page; what are former employees saying about them? Formulate a couple of questions about the company that show your interest. Taking that extra step to go above and beyond the typical candidate could give you the edge necessary to impress the interviewer and get the job.

Know Why You’re There
Are you here to get a job? So are the three other nervous candidates sitting in reception waiting to be called in. Everyone knows that. “Know why you’re there” means having an answer for why you’re interested in not just in the company, but in the industry. What made you decide to pursue a career in digital marketing? What aspect of digital interests you most? Are you looking to work in PPC? Are you a consummate salesman? Are you fascinated by analytics? Be prepared to share why you want to be there and what excites you about this industry. Employers want people who are passionate and want to be there for more than just a paycheque.

Take Copies of Your CV, Portfolio, and References
Yes, the interviewer probably has a copy of your CV, and yes, they probably will have one at the interview. However, they may not have had time to print it out, or they may forget, so always bring a copy. Make the decision process easy for your interviewer; if you come prepared with your CV, work portfolio ready (if applicable), and references in hand, this small effort shows them you’re organised and on the ball. It’s often the little things that help seal the deal.

Dress Smart
Digital is often a casual environment, and you will be job hunting over the summer holidays, but you still need to put your best foot forward for interviews. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit, but “business casual”, and a neatly groomed appearance goes a long way. Don’t make assumptions; check out the company website and see what employees are wearing. Take your cues from there and set the bar a little higher for interview day. Leave the flip flops, Batman t-shirt, and ripped jeans at home.

The Golden Don’ts
There are a few universal Golden Rules when it comes to interviews:
Don’t be late. Ever. There is no excuse for being late to an interview in this day and age of travel apps and maps that can tell you 15 different routes to take, and how long it will take you to get there. Plan to arrive ten minutes early and build in time for any  traffic or transport delays. If it says it’s a 30 minute journey, build in 45 minutes for contingencies. Nothing puts off potential employers more than a late candidate, and for many, it lands your CV straight in the bin.
Turn off Your Mobile Phone. Not on vibrate, or silent, just off. Buzzing, flashing notifications are distracting and signal to the employer that their time isn’t as important as your latest tweet. This is a no-brainer but, apparently, still needs to be said.
Don’t Ask About Money Definitely ask about company culture, and questions pertaining to the role, but save the chat about money for when an offer is on the table. Talking about salary off the bat makes you look like that’s all you’re interested in – and while compensation is an important piece in your final decision, it should factor in once you have established that the interest is mutual and you’re likely receive an offer of employment.

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced, and exciting world. Enjoy the journey and good luck!