Pepperjam launch the Pepperjam Affiliate Network – My Thoughts

Posted by Sri Sharma – Managing Director
I caught up with Kris Jones from Pepperjam most recently at the A4U Expo where we were panelists on Meet the Super Affiliate session. Kris has recently launched the Pepperjam Affiliate Network and I took a test drive. My first reaction was wow, i liked the very cool web 2.0 interface and the test account had a very high Balance $$$ (not mine but for a second, I thought so!).

It looks the business and i can certainly support technology that is robust and well built. Clear user-friendly interface, charts, simple live chat tools to support communication and foster long term relationships – the things Affiliates and merchants want to see. There is a real need for SID tracking and reporting that works properly in affiliate networks and online tracking technologies in general. I am looking forward to seeing that in Pepperjam Affiliate Network´s sophisticated platform. The site is US focused today, but i am sure international awaits.

If you want more information here is their press release.

Well done and good luck Kris and all the team.