Sri Speaks at Marketing Week NMA Interactive Summit

The Marketing Week NMA Interactive Summit 2009 was a great meeting ground for leading talent in the Digital Marketing world.
Net Media Planet’s Managing Director, Sri Sharma spoke to an audience of Marketing Managers and Director from some of UK’s most reputed companies such as Penguin Publishers, Alliance & Leicester, Sony and Samsung. Sri Sharma spoke about ‘Value Based Charging Models’ and enjoyed a very interactive session.

Sri says, “The Marketing Week NMA Interactive Summit was a great event for learning about our industry, particularly recent trends and ideas to grow our paid search agency business. I contributed by speaking about Value Based charging models and how they can really help align agency and client, especially in the current market climate where ROI and bottom line is king.”

Here is a link to the slideshow of the presentation:

You can also download our presentation from our website by clicking here: Based Charging Models – FINAL.pptx

For further information do please do not hesitate to contact Sri at [email protected]

Net Media Planet wins the CJ Launch Competition

By Pavitra Kumar, Marketing Executive, Net Media Planet

Net Media Planet’s Luke Judge and Magnus Nillsson won two flight tickets to CJU in Santa Barbara, California by taking the entire CJ UK team for a week of fun in Las Vegas. Having won the CJ Launch Competition both Luke and Magnus are excited about meeting with the CJ Team in the US.

The Judge, Revolution magazine’s Andy McCormick announced ‘the winner is Net Media Planet who took the CJ team on a whirlwind tour of Vegas. Vegas is definitely somewhere special and Luke Judge and Magnus Nilsson had CJ in their thoughts throughout – taking pictures of the team on the plane, next to the roulette wheels and even in mini-Venice. I suspect (but don’t know) that cameras aren’t allowed in some of the extra ’special’ venues in Vegas, otherwise the CJ team would have been photographed there too! Enjoy the trip to Commission Junction University in California!’

Now for our winning entry from start to finish…

Net Media Planet takes Commission Junction UK to Las Vegas for a week of fun!

Net Media Planet takes Commission Junction UK to Las Vegas for a week of fun! Luke Judge (Business Development Manager) and Magnus Nilsson (Head of account Management) bring along the Commission Junction UK team for a tour of the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas and also show them around town!


Luke and the Commission Junction team in the flight on the way to Las Vegas!

Taking the CJ team for a spot of roulette!

Magnus and the CJ team take a walk across the Plaza – and yes, that is Venice…and yes, it is indoors, and yes…it is also 5 minutes to midnight!!! We love Las Vegas…

Luke and the CJ team meet Mr. crab!

Luke and Magnus unite Commission Junction teams across the seas!

Luke and Magnus take CJ for an end of the week relaxing dip in the pool!

These are exciting times ahead for Net Media Planet! 🙂