Net Media Planet outperforms the field to win outstanding Maximuscle South Africa incentive:

By Luke Judge, Business Development Manager

At the start of June this year Sam and Leon at Maximuscle, a client of Net Media Planet, decided to motivate their affiliate partners with an incentive – a 4 day trip to Durban, South Africa, to support the British Lions in their 1st Test Match. Naturally a number of contenders increased their performance in the month of June to try to win this incredible incentive. However the outstanding performance of the Search Account Management team at Net Media Planet delivered the results that would see us top the table. The call from Sam and Leon at Maximuscle came, and Net Media Planet would indeed be joining Maximuscle on the trip of a lifetime in South Africa!

The excitement continued to rise in the lead up to departure, fuelled only more by the good weather forecast and pre-match build up to the first test between South Africa and the British Lions. For two outstanding accounts of the days that would follow read the excellent Maximuscle Blog ( ) and the Lions 2009 Blog on the Telegragh website ( ) written by our friend Eric Janssen.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the team at Maximuscle for being fantastic hosts in Durban, South Africa; thank you to all of the guests of Maximuscle who joined us in making it such a brilliant occasion from start to finish; and thank you to the two teams who fought a superb match on the pitch of Kings Park stadium Durban.

Enjoy the photos that follow.


Some pre-match fun on the beach:
Some pre-match fun on the beach

The pre-match entertainment:
Pre-match entertainment

During the game:
During the Game

During the game:
During the game

Post match BBQ:
Post Match BBQ