Improving brand awareness and direct response with YouTube Video Targeting

You Tube Has Pride

YouTube is the largest video community online and I have been working on ways to engage users on the platform in the campaigns I run for our existing clients. The ad formats are non-intrusive and Google recently released a new tool to effectively target the audience on a wide range of interest levels related to the video content.

How does it work?

Select a region and ad format. There are currently 26 countries that can be targeted specifically and three different formats.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

You Tube Screen Shot

How does it work?

InVideo overlay ads are probably the most common form. These are either text or image ads overlaid onto the video itself. Users can scroll through these ads or minimise them if they are not interested in them. The targeting for these ads is very granular and specific videos and YouTube channels which relate to the target audience can be focussed on. The other two formats: InStream ads, short video ads at recommended length of 15 seconds and Banner ads, either images or Click-to-Play videos, are also supported but have less granular targeting.

Selecting videos made easy

The Video Targeting tool has made this process very seamless as I am now able to select thousands of videos based on either keywords or audience interest. This is a step up from the current format on the Adwords online interface where you can only select one video at a time. I can create different media plans for different products which can be downloaded to Excel.You Tube Video Targeting Tool

Here I can segment the videos by age, ratings, number of views and daily impressions, sanity check them too and break the media plan down to different ad groups to manage my inventory effectively.

For much broader general coverage, channels and categories can also be targeted but you are likely to miss out on the cool granular level of analysis you’ll be able to do once you start generating traffic and results.

Tracking and iteration

Our Mercury technology platform enables us to track performance of our ads for every video placement. Each video is tracked individually and I apply keyword optimisation techniques from PPC based on their return. I am also able to optimise the frequency at which are ads shown based on this analysis and improve performance. I am also able track the click path journey from each video should it result in any search activity.

YouTube content is dynamic and media plans have to be periodically refreshed to keep up to date with the latest videos.

You Tube Video Demonstration


Costs are still relatively low and I have been able to deliver results which are comparable to the paid search keyword campaigns. Exposure to the target audience on YouTube is no longer a shot in dark but almost an exact science where I can launch campaigns related to product launches or a set promotional calendar. I can also take advantage of events creating a buzz in other social media which are likely to translate to increase viewership on related YouTube videos. At present, our team here is using this form of video targeting not only for direct response and also in brand awareness exercises.

Image credit: Informatique

A new way to get cheaper PPC traffic: Google Image Search Ads


On Tuesday, Google held a special event in San Francisco where they announced their latest innovation: Google Image Search Ads. 

Google have revamped their Google Images product and have now introduced PPC style ads that are shown above the images in Google Images.

 Google Image Search Ads

This is a nice innovation from Google which advertisers will be sure to capitalise on in the future. Net Media Planet are currently in discussions with our clients to have their ads shown in Google images, as images need to be uploaded into Google accounts via the ‘display ad builder’ tool in Google AdWords. 

While some are already criticising Google for making Google Images a copycat of Bing’s offering. I feel that it is wrong to be critical of Google over this, in my opinion Google and Bing images both look great and are very user friendly. I think it’s a really good new innovation of Google’s and Google Images is currently more popular than Bing images so it stands to reason that they want to use the best format for displaying their images. 

This latest innovation means that those brands that have large product ranges with lots of great images will be able to show ads for generic terms relating to their images. I’m certain these CPC’s (cost per click) will be cheaper than these generic terms are currently in traditional search. 

For more information regarding implementing Google Image Search ads you can contact Net Media Planet via our contact us page.

World Cup Mania at Net Media Planet!

The World Cup 2010 with its glorious victories and dampening losses has been the
thing at Net Media Planet this summer. We all came together to play a sweepstake
which added much colour to watching the World Cup as everyone was secretly
rooting for their own team.

The England vs. Slovenia match has been the favourite by far in the office as this
was the last game that England came out victorious beating Slovenia 1:0. Everyone
stopped working at 3pm and gathered around the big screen in the office for a
football feast.

The event brought the entire team at Net Media Planet together and made the last
month working at the company a lot of fun! Although England did not win, the person
at Net Media Planet who won the sweepstake for Spain thinks it’s been the best
World Cup ever!

Google Launches Seller Extension Ratings on PPC Ads


Last week, Google announced the launch of a new product extension called, Seller Extension Rating on Google AdWords.

This new feature will make it easier for users to identify highly-rated merchants on Google. These star ratings, aggregated from review sites all around the web, allow people to find merchants that are highly recommended by other online shoppers.

Google Seller Extension Ratings

How does this work?

Seller rating extensions attract the star rating of the merchant from Google product search to the AdWords ads. If a merchant’s online store is rated in Google Product Search, and they have on average 4 stars or more (Google will not promote poorly related merchants) and at least 30 reviews, they will automatically get seller ratings showing on their ads.

It’s a free service, and comes at no additional cost to the advertiser, who will only be charged if someone clicks on the headline of the ad – clicks on the review link are free.

These star ratings allow users to find highly recommended merchants by the reviews of online shoppers. This means that it will only show those merchants who have 30 or more ratings. These seller extension ratings are available in English language searches on and

What does this mean?

For Users: A nice addition from Google that will help users find reputable products when searching on Google.

For Merchants: I expect Merchants will be rewarded with higher CTR on their PPC ad’s as well as an increase in their overall brand reputation for delivering quality services and products.

At Net Media Planet we are supporting our clients by promoting their services through Google Product Search and managing the process of uploading their data feeds to Google. We are currently waiting for review stars to go live in Google AdWords, but we will be interested to see how these reseller stars effect ad performance and we’ll report back with our findings soon.

Net Media Planet’s Summer celebrations at the Hempel Hotel

Net Media Planet Summer Event

I think we’re all agreed that this summer has so far been a little bit special: Warm summer evenings, no rain at Glastonbury, Andy Murray sailing through to the Wimbledon semis without a whiff of a dropped set or a dodgy Cliff Richard a-cappella rain call. In fact barring The South African Muppet Show it’s been a perfect start to summer 2010.

Our impeccable midsummer celebrations continued last night with the Net Media Planet summer barbeque. However this being Net Media Planet, it was no ordinary barbeque. Thanks to our elite social committee, SOCO, we enjoyed an evening of complete luxury, with nary a burnt sausage or warm can of Carling in sight.

Instructed to dress formally we found ourselves at the five star Hempel Hotel in West London. Here, on a private terrace overlooking the stunning Zen Gardens, we helped ourselves to dainty bowls of spicy sausage and posh fish & chips, all served by immaculate staff and washed down with lashings of fruity Pimms and ice cold Coronas.

Needless to say the office is mildly subdued this morning. But we all enjoyed a fantastic evening to celebrate another year of continued success at Net Media Planet, delivering for our clients and getting better at what we do each and every day.

It’s these kind of events that remind us all of what a great team of people we have here; a collection of true individuals who somehow just click to make the best PPC team bar none. It’s a great place to work and a great place to be, and yes we are hiring – so what are you waiting for?