Deloitte 2010 UK Technology Fast 50 & EMEA Technology Fast 500 Awards

Last night we attended the Deloitte 2010 UK Technology Fast 50 and EMEA Technology Fast 500 awards dinner at Arsenal’s Emirates Football Stadium.

First up we had the Fast 50 awards, which recognise the UKs fastest growing technology companies. We proudly came in at no. 38th and won ourselves a shiny trophy, which we will be adding to our boardroom.

We were then taken on a tour of the hugely inspiring Arsenal stadium including sitting in the Directors box. Whether you support Arsenal or not you can’t help but be impressed by such a venue, it has to be one of the most impressive stadiums in the UK if not the world.

After our extensive tour we enjoyed a great dinner that was swiftly followed by the countdown of the Fast 500 winners. We were thrilled to find out that we ranked an impressive 207th out of all technology business right across Europe, The Middle East and Africa. This gave us yet another shiny trophy for the cabinet.

I am really proud of the team at Net Media Planet. They really are great people. Together we have created a fantastic culture and a great place to work. We share a passion for success that lives in our heritage, our dna and our future.


How the Bing and Yahoo! partnership affected the CTR and CPCs in your Campaigns

Bing & Yahoo

In 2009 a deal was agreed between Yahoo! and Microsoft in which Bing would power Yahoo! Search. Recently Bing and Yahoo! began their transition of search marketing accounts in the US and Canada, from Yahoo!’s Yahoo! Search Marketing to Microsoft’s adCenter. For the last year, the PPC industry has been trying to guess what the impact would be on campaigns. With some initial data now in, we can now see interesting trends and results.


We monitored vital metrics for a sample of client campaigns as adCenter ads started to replace Yahoo! Search Marketing advertising. These figures are the aggregate statistics from both adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts – the transition took place on 25/10/2010.

Click Through Rate (CTR) is decreasing

Effect on CTR after Yahoo! Transition

As advertisers’ accounts are migrated from Yahoo to Bing, the search space seems to be getting increasingly competitive over time. Advertisers who previously ran campaigns exclusively for the Yahoo! search space are now active in the Bing search space, and vice versa. This results in a decrease in overall CTR.

Costs per Click (CPCs) are increasing

Effect on CPCs since Yahoo! Transition

With this added competition came rising CPCs, and more advertisers in the search space means increased costs. Furthermore, because of the reduced CTR from competitors siphoning your traffic, you are essentially paying more for less clicks.


According to my findings, the Bing Yahoo! merge has initially had a negative effect on PPC campaigns. CTR has dropped after the transition, and CPCs have risen.

However it is worth mentioning that with the streamlined adCenter interface, there are definite benefits to advertisers from the merge. For example, by having all activity in one platform better optimisation can be achieved across both search engines simultaneously. I’m actively maximising this to drive performance.

Leo McIntosh – PPC Analyst – Net Media Planet