Movember at Net Media Planet

It’s the middle of Movember here at Net Media Planet HQ, so we thought now is as good a time as any to point people towards our effort and show off some of our progress. Movember, for the uninitiated, is a month-long charity event designed to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically (but not exclusively) prostate cancer.


Prostate and testicular cancer are the top two types of cancer affecting men. According to Cancer Research UK, prostate cancer was responsible for over 10,000 deaths in 2008 – and that was just in the UK. There is an urgent need to help raise awareness about these diseases and help educate people about the importance of regular health checks and properly funded cancer research. We at NMP believe this is a fantastic cause, and thus duly got involved.
On 1 Movember, all male participants (Mo Bros, as they are called) showed up with a clean-shaven face and have been proceeding to grow and groom their moustaches over the last few weeks. You can view some of the results below or over on our Flickr page.


We’ve been on dates and to friends’ weddings, all with our moustaches proudly on display. Here’s what some of our Mo Bros have said about their Movember experience:
“There’s no way I’m going to keep my moustache, but I get the feeling it will be missed nevertheless.”
“I was explaining Movember to a pretty female when my mate rudely interrupted me and just said: ‘Borat’.”
“Wearing a ‘tache last seen on the set of Magnum PI has been a month of hell, with even close friends refusing to stand within a safe distance. I hope others appreciate the long evenings spent maintaining this beast and give generously!”
“All the stares, the double takes and the fact I’ve absorbed a yeti on my face go out the window for such a great cause.’’
“I’ve never had a moustache before, but this one’s definitely growing on me.”
Growing a moustache has been unusual for most of us, but the hassle of shaving every day has been dwarfed by the great cause and the success: at the moment of writing, we’ve already raised over £1,000!
But as we’ve got another couple of weeks to go, we’re hoping to double this amount – especially as Net Media Planet will match whatever its employees raise. So please, donate what you can over on our Movember team page (captained by the superbly ‘tached Andrew Turner). All proceeds go directly to The Prostate Cancer Charity, who then allocate funds to their different programs.