Using instore to improve online

To really understand what a brand means to its customers, nothing beats getting out there and meeting them face to face. It’s something we take every opportunity to do at Net Media Planet.

Most recently I spent half a day with Monsoon customers at one of their flagship stores in central London, where I was able to take away some valuable in-store learnings and implement them in our online strategy on behalf of the client.
An example of just some of the things that came to light include valuable insights into how Monsoon customers engage with the brand, footfall trends and customer loyalty. Also I got a real feel for buying patterns and how inventory is managed in store.
3 things I take back to paid search marketing

  • 1: Seeing how people buy in store and talking to sales staff, I found opportunities for keyword expansion

  • 2: Seeing how people buy different products together gave ideas for landing page tests and sitelink tests to send people to different parts of the site

  • 3: Being able to see and talk to real customers, I also have lots of new ideas for adcopy testing
    It’s a great experience to spend time fully immersed in the brands we work with, and crucially it provides us with opportunities to leverage offline for online success.