Last minute tips to increase your Paid Search marketing performance this festive period


With less than a week to go until the Christmas period begins in earnest, and with so many online retailers competing for every sale this festive period, it has never been more important to stand apart from your rivals.


There is still time to maximise the performance of your e-commerce site this Christmas by improving your Paid Search marketing efforts.


Here are some top tips for your e-commerce site to help make it a bumper festive period:


  • On time delivery is crucial this Christmas – Make sure delivery times, cost, returns etc. are clearly visible on landing pages and ad copy so consumers have all the information they need. We recommend you offer free delivery if possible, and include your last order date, especially as the day itself draws closer.


  • Clear, bold and direct messaging is key – Help stand out from the rest by making your ad copy very sales based with offers expressing ‘buy now’. This will help create a sense of urgency and increase conversion rates.


  • Forget last minute shoppers at your peril – Last year there was a significant increase in online sales in the week before Christmas. Make sure you have reserved PPC budgets to make the most of this opportunity, particularly if you are offering consumers the opportunity to shop online and collect in-store.


  • Maximise your budget – As search volumes rise throughout the festive season, it’s critical to eliminate unwanted impressions that lead to nowhere. Streamline your Paid Search campaign by updating your negative keyword list to help filter out unwanted traffic.


  • Adjust Daily Budgets – With higher search volumes, you have to increase spending on PPC activity. To ensure that you don’t miss out, adjust campaign daily budgets to accommodate this expected increase in spend. Showing ads during just the top converting hours of the day is an effective technique for those spending on a limited budget.


  • Don’t forget the days after Christmas – Post-Christmas is also incredibly important for Paid Search, particularly on mobile with many people checking out Boxing Day sale deals on their mobiles at home. To increase mobile traffic and conversions, leverage position-based bidding to ensure that ads appear within the top two positions. Secondly, include location ad extensions to quickly direct on-the-move shoppers to the nearest store.


  • Tune into tablet – Massive sales of tablets are expected over the Christmas period, indeed, some shops are already reporting that sales of tablets are up by 1,000% from last year. Retailers are branding Christmas 2012 the ‘tablet Christmas’. We recommend that you optimise your tablet-specific Paid Search campaigns for post-Christmas day when many more people will be using their devices for browsing and sale shopping.


  • Create a special Christmas landing page – A themed page can act as a centre for all of your Christmas related products and content. This can help get shoppers into the festive spirit and also provides online retailers with the opportunity to increase the AOV through cross-selling.


  • The importance of culture in international Paid Search marketing – Be mindful of Christmas messaging, recognising cultural and linguistic differences. For example, in the US it is more typical to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas”.


Good luck and we wish you all the best for a bountiful festive season! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

An Ad for All Seasons: The Effect of Ultra-Seasonal Ad copy

adseasonal copy

Advertisers understand how important relevant ad copy is to maximising impact and increasing engagement.


Seasonality is recognised as a key factor to consider when writing and tailoring ad copy. You will no doubt have already seen the winter and Christmas ads. It’s clearly natural to focus on major events such as Christmas, Summer breaks etc.


But what about more local or one-off festivals? This made us wonder what impact other more local holidays, festivals and one-off events could have on ad performance.


Testing the effect of ultra-seasonal ad copy:

We decided to explore whether tailoring ad copy to specific local holidays would have a noticeable impact on ad performance. The test was conducted across clothing retailers in 3 different countries, with generic brand-led ad copy split-tested against seasonal ad copy with the same offer. The results were compelling;


Test 1: Oktoberfest (Germany)

Traditional German clothing often makes a reappearance at the German beer festival Oktoberfest. By using ad copy light heartedly promoting accessories to wear with Dirndls & Lederhosen to Oktoberfest, we increased CTR by 46% and AOV by 30%.

ad large



Test 2: The Queen’s Jubilee (UK)

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee garnered a lot of attention across the globe, especially in the UK. By experimenting with “Look Like Royalty this Jubilee” messaging for a leading women’s clothing retailer we managed to increase CTR by 64%.


Test 3: Independence Day (US) and Labor Day (US)

By referencing the 4th of July celebrations in US ad copy, we increased CTR by 66%.


In another test for a leading women’s retailer in the US, we tested ad copy with the phrase “Celebrate Labor Day in our Latest Collection” recognising the US September holiday. As a result of this ad copy, CTR increased by 24%.


What we learnt:

Although this was a small study, the results were conclusive. Targeting local and one-off festivities beyond the big festivals can have a positive effect on ad copy and campaign performance.


No matter what country you are targeting ad performance can be significantly improved by utilising local or one-off festivals to make ad copy ultra-seasonal. There was a demonstrable increase to CTR, which shows that using ultra-seasonal ad copy helps drive people to click on ads.


This means that for advertisers there is a clear advantage in taking every opportunity to resonate with the customer through creative and compelling ad copy, and that the local seasonality factor is absolutely key in this approach.






Photograph: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images


Net Media Planet continues its winning run!



We are delighted to have won the award for Most Effective Mobile Search Campaign at last week’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.


We are proud to have been recognised by the industry’s best for our multi-award winning mobile campaign for pizza company, Papa John’s. Through a combination of consumer insight and mobile technology, the campaign reached audiences at the right time, and right place delivering compelling results.


Read more about the Papa John’s story here >>


The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) are organised by Mobile Marketing magazine and recognise worldwide talent in the mobile marketing industry. To be awarded, the campaign had to successfully pass through a comprehensive judging process and achieve very high marks in each of the judging criteria; this is an achievement that only a fraction of campaigns earn each year.


Well done team, another great effort!