The Digital Future arrives at Net Media Planet

The latest best practice breakfast seminar in our acclaimed ‘NMP Invites…’ series saw over 75 digital marketers and senior brand managers attend to hear Google, Twitter and Net Media Planet discuss The Digital Future of marketing.


The fantastic event offered some key highlights for delegates, which included;

  • Google discussing the future of Search and the impact this will have on consumer behaviour
  • Twitter exploring the rise of Display advertising in a social world and the opportunity this presents for brands
  • Net Media Planet showcasing innovative examples of brands connecting the two channels of Search and Display advertising with sources of real time information, and the role this has in future marketing campaigns


Our thanks go to our speakers; Matt Bush from Google, Natalia Motamed from Twitter, and our MD, Sri Sharma, for the thoroughly interesting and insightful presentations.


Following many requests, we are pleased to share Sri’s presentation, called ‘The Real Time Opportunity’, from the event:


We hope that you find these slides informative. If you have any questions about the event, or about starting or expanding upon your own online marketing campaigns then please don’t hesitate to call Digby to discuss further on 020 7186 2111 or email him at [email protected].

Net Media Planet team Highly Commended at Google’s ‘Spirit of Squared’ Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Net Media Planet team member and all round good egg Sophie last night won a Highly Commended award at Google’s ‘Spirit of Squared’ Awards!


The Awards programme aims to celebrate talented individuals within the agency community based on nominations from the Google agency service team floor. The nominations cover the following 5 categories:

1. The Team Player
2. The Big Thinker
3. The Story Teller
4. The Risk Taker
5. The All Rounder


Each award entry was judged by a panel that consisted of the Squared team, vertical teams and industry peers. We are delighted to see that one of our team went on to be Highly Commended in the hotly contested ‘All Rounder’ award, also having been nominated in ‘The Risk Taker’ category.


This recognition is thoroughly deserved and reflects the kind of outstanding people we have at Net Media Planet. We are incredibly proud of this fantastic achievement, well done Sophie and team!




Facebookers Feed On New Ad Format

Facebook have recently introduced new ad formats to encourage ‘objective-based’ ad buying and reporting. These objectives are defined as driving traffic; getting more likes; increasing event attendance, and, promoting app installs. Facebook then recommends which ad format you should use based on which objective you would like to achieve.


Newsfeed Ads – How it works


Of particular interest is the introduction of newsfeed ads. Ads can now appear in the newsfeed, blending into the users social updates. These ads can be created at the same time as right hand ads, with the option to opt in or out of either ad format.


Facebook Newsfeed Ad


 Overview of newsfeed ads


1. Use of larger images – 600×315 pixels


The option to use larger images is a big bonus. However, be warned, Facebook will still shrink your side ad image resulting in an image ratio that is not appropriate for the right hand column. To avoid this, duplicate the ad and upload a new image, opting out of either the newsfeed or side ad depending on the image size.


2. Additional description text of 90 characters


It’s important to remember that the newsfeed ad has a different layout. Due to its larger size, the main copy is above the headline and the description text appears below the headline, next to the image. This may impact user interaction if the same copy is being used for both your newsfeed and side ad.


3. Option to connect to a Facebook page, enabling social interaction


The newsfeed ads also benefit from social integration, allowing users to like, comment, share or link through to the associated Facebook page. This is an important tool for brand awareness but do keep an eye on the comments. Many Facebook users are upset by ads now being shown in their newsfeed and may unleash their anger on your ad!


Initial Test


We have recently tested the newsfeed ads alongside the traditional side ads for a retail client. The purpose of the campaign was to drive footfall to a new store opening. Both ads had the same targeting – city radius targeting combined with interest targeting. Both ads linked to a custom landing page, giving the details of the new store. Both ads mentioned an enticing offer if the user visited the store in the ad copy. Both ads used similar images, although the newsfeed ad was of larger dimensions.


Test Results


The results are very interesting. Click through rate was over 6000% greater for the newsfeed ad than the traditional side ad, at a lower cpc of £0.20 compared with £0.33. Added to this, the newsfeed ad benefitted from social engagement. In one week we generated 160 post likes, 18 comments and 5 post shares. Considering the purpose of the campaign was to promote a new store opening, the social interaction is an added bonus at no extra cost.


We believe that over time newsfeed ad cpcs will rocket. Their premium page position and social integration make them a great ad format – our advice would be to jump on the band wagon quickly and take advantage whilst they are so cost effective!

The 12 days of Movember

With just 12 Movember days remaining, the Net Media Planet Movember team has passed the half way mark in the annual fund raising event in aid of Prostate Cancer awareness. We felt it therefore a suitable time to share our progress with the wider world:


NMP - Movember 18th 2013


This hairy fundraiser is all for a tremendously important cause, the cure and prevention of prostate cancer. Please support the Net Media Planet Movember team with your donation here:

This is a cause close to our hearts. A good friend of Net Media Planet recently underwent some remarkable prostate cancer treatment. Called HIFU [High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound], it is a recent breakthrough in the treatment of prostate cancer, and it’s now supported here in the UK.


Here is a fascinating interview with Professor Mark Emberton of UCL, a leader in HIFU treatment in the UK:


Net Media Planet is proud to support worthy causes. We match all sponsorship raised by our teams in the hope of making a difference in our own small way.


Your support is greatly appreciated.

Christmas: Sparkle vs Savings

Over the last couple of years we have seen a change in consumer behaviour during the Christmas period.


Across many of our retail clients, we have traditionally seen offer based ad copies that promote sales or savings perform well throughout the year. This rather predictable trend was however not always carried through to Christmas. Seasonal messaging that focused on ‘finding the perfect present’ or ‘sparkling this Christmas’ often outperformed offer based ad copies; in one instance by 43%.


Christmas Past

Last Christmas we started to see this seasonal messaging trend shift for some of our retail clients. ‘Christmas savings’ messaging generated higher CTRs and conversion rates than the seasonal based messaging. This echoes the trend that Google called out this year in their Christmas webinar. This highlighted the significant growth in search volume for the terms ‘Christmas offers’ and ‘Christmas deals’ in the last 2 years as shown below;


Trend of keywords related to Christmas savings



Christmas Present

Now, as we enter the most important 6 weeks of the retail calendar, we have started to see this consumer reliance towards offers and deals develop one step further. Owing to a declining conversion rate YoY on a client’s homepage in the first month of Q4, we utilised our learnings from our ad copy tests and conducted a landing page split test. We wanted to test the hypothesis that directing traffic from their brand terms to an offers page, which emphasised the best promotions, would result in a positive uplift in conversion rate. This approach diverted visitors away from the traditionally high converting homepage.


This resulted in a 28% increase in conversion rate for the brand term and has since been rolled out to other non-product specific keywords.


Christmas Future

It is always a risk for clients to cater for bargain hunters owing to the detrimental impact on AOV and potentially the brand reputation. However, with consumers now having easy access to competitor prices and with sales and voucher codes becoming an increasingly regular occurrence online, sales are no longer only a way to clear surplus stock. They are instead becoming a response to how customers are searching and purchasing online.


In response to this emerging trend, we are adopting three new strategies in the approach to Christmas to take advantage of the changing consumer mind-set:


1. Landing page split tests – We no longer assume that the homepage continues to be the highest converting landing page for brand terms.

2. Expanding ‘savings’ related keyword coverage – This enables advertisers to maintain share of voice and capitalize on this ever-increasing traffic.

3. Test value added offers – Promote differentiating features such as ‘elf-styled gift wrapping’ or ‘free express delivery’ to stand out in the SERPs.


In conclusion, with consumer search patterns changing each Christmas, our paid search strategy has to continue to develop through messaging tests, landing page optimisation and coverage of trending keywords. However, with consumers’ ability to compare prices so quickly online, brands and advertisers must concentrate on their differentiating features in the lead up to Christmas.


Moving away from the monetary savings and towards the sparkle of a hassle free Christmas may be the message for Christmases to come.

Mobile Proves Its Power – Client Case Study

Thanks to a new mobile strategy using Google Enhanced Campaigns, Sk:n Clinics’ sees enquiry calls increase 42%.

In the past, Sk:n Clinics used paid search to generate enquiries, directing potential customers to the website to fill in an online form and request a free consultation. Conversion rates on mobile were low however, due in large part to the brand’s lack of a mobile-specific website.
We have created the following case study with Sk:n Clinics and Google in order to share our collective success:

Mobile proves its power:
Sk:n tasked us with improving conversions from mobile paid search without building a new site especially for mobile. The agency’s first move was to create a click-to-call campaign, which enabled the user to make just one click from the search ad to be connected to an advisor. Consumers were directed to make calls rather than visiting the website, and messaging was tailored to persuade them to call immediately.
Using ad rotation and ad scheduling within the AdWords interface, the click-to-call campaign was run in a split test against the existing mobile campaign. Results showed that the click-to-call conversion rate was 26 times higher than that of the standard mobile campaign, while the enquiry-to-consultation conversion rate for the click-to-call mobile campaign was 2.2 times higher compared to all search channels.

> Click here to read the full Sk:n Clinics case study <

Don’t hesitate to call us on 0207 186 2111 about maximising your Paid Search Marketing.

Mo way back for Team Net Modia Planet

Happy 1st of Movember. The gentlement of Net Media Planet have brushed down their rusty razors and started the month with a clean shave in aid of prostate cancer.

We are proud to present the Net Media Planet Movember team on Day 1 of the fund raising Movember cause:


Team Net Modia Planet on Day 1

*some additional faces will be joining the team on their return next week


And for our Managing Director, Sri Sharma, a special mention. After a lifetime of having a well fashioned goatie, Sri has taken the brave step of removing the trusted face piece and starting all over again. Commendable support of a worthy cause from our formiddable MoFounder. Enjoy the evidence of this once in a decade event right here:

And if you would like to donate to Team Net Media Planet, your support will be greatly appreciated:
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Watch this space for weekly progress updates.