Net Media Planet Wins Best Paid Search Campaign

Last night the Net Media Planet team joined more than 900 of the leading names in performance marketing to celebrate the 9th annual Performance Marketing Awards.

It is an honour to be able to say that our campaign ‘Bathe in Bathstore Success’ was a success, winning the Best Paid Search Campaign. Our campaign was recognised by the judges for its “innovative, data-driven approach which combined online and offline data, evaluating keywords based on conversion effectiveness across both channels, and the campaign’s excellent overall results.”

We were also shortlisted for 2 other awards: The Retail Award and The Best Agency-Led Performance Marketing Campaign, and while it is disappointing to have not won we are still proud to have been recogonised within these categories.

Net Media Planet CEO, Sri Sharma, also had the pleasure of presenting this year’s award for Advertiser Innovation to CJ Affiliate and Argos. A huge congratulations to them for a campaign that really pushed the bounds of performance marketing.

Our thanks must also go to our client, Bathstore, who helped us deliver this truly compelling campaign.

It was a fun night, congratulations to all winners, and well done to the team at PerformanceIN for a great event!

You can view all of our photos and videos from the night on Net Media Planet’s Google+ Page.

For a list of all award winners please visit:

Bing Announces Import Updates to Support for Google’s Upgraded URLs

Bing has been busy over the past few months implementing new updates in an attempt to create a more “seamless and efficient” user experience for advertisers who import their campaigns from Google AdWords.
Just last March Bing Ads implemented their Unified Device Targeting, which further consolidated their targeting options by adding smartphones to PPC and tablet targeting.

Now, Bing has announced that from early May 2015 they will be supporting the Upgraded URLs feature which is currently available in Google AdWords.

For advertisers who are looking to import their AdWords campaigns directly into Bing Ads, this support will allow them to simplify their campaign transition making it hassle-free, efficient and a big time-saver.

Dates to be Aware of

In early May 2015, Bing Ads will make updates to help support the importing of Upgraded URLs from AdWords.

By the end of summer this year, Upgraded URLs will be available for advertisers on Bing Ads.

The Implementation of Upgraded URL Support

The updates occurring in May will consist of a two separate parts: Upgraded URL import support and support for Google’s new ValueTrack feature.

Upgraded URL Import Support

This update is for advertisers who import their campaigns from Google AdWords into Bing Ads Web UI or Bing Ads Editor.

When importing campaign information from Google, Bing will take an advertisers current tracking templates across all campaign levels and URLs to reconstruct a destination URL that is compatible with Bing Ads.

It is important to note that Bing Ads is currently unable to import URLs that use custom parameters (e.g. {_creative}=1234). They will skip entities during Google Import that reference custom parameters either in their Final URLs, Final Mobile URLs or Tracking templates.

Below is a table that defines how the update will affect destinations URLS for text ads, keywords and sitelink extensions. It also looks at how it will handle destination URLs, final URLs, and final mobile URLs.

Support for New ValueTrack Parameters

With the launch of Upgraded URLs, Google also introduced new ValueTrack parameters. These parameters allow advertisers to track additional custom insights about their business.

Bing has announced that it will be supporting these new dynamic text parameters to allow advertisers increased insights into campaign performance, ultimately improving optimisation decisions. The following dynamic text placeholders will be supporting within Bing Ads’ destination URLs.

For the dynamic text parameters that will return empty values in May, such as {feeditemid} above, there will be full support at a later date. Bing has also stated that there will be more details released over the upcoming months.

For full details visit Bing Ads’ website.

How Creativity Can Benefit Your PPC Campaign

Have you Googled yourself recently? There’s no shame in admitting it. In fact, you’d be in the majority. Over half of Internet users have searched for themselves online. However, you may be asking how this relates to Paid Search creativity. If you haven’t heard about Alec Brownstein’s ingenious PPC campaign, then keep reading.

In 2009 Brownstein, a senior copywriter, decided to run a little experiment in order to help progress his job hunt. He created an AdWords campaign that would target 5 creative directors, in which he was interested in speaking with, by specifically bidding on their names.

The brilliance of this campaign is not only its creativity, but how inexpensive it was. Since he was the only person bidding on these names the average cost-per-click (CPC) was $0.13.

The results of the campaign were remarkable. Out of the 5 targeted creative directors 4 gave Brownstein an interview, and from that he received 2 job offers. With such a low CPCs the entire campaign only cost him $6, and with today’s US to UK exchange rate that is approximately £4.

The moral of the story: Google yourself more often, someone may be trying to get your attention!

But more importantly, it is this type of creative thinking and campaign innovation that will help advertisers stay relevant in a changing digital world. As Net Media Planet CEO, Sri Sharma, stated in his ‘5 Digital Predictions for 2015’ article, “Those that use creativity and a sense of innovative flair will be able to differentiate their products and their marketing. The rest will play perpetual catch-up.”

Net Media Planet Shortlisted for ‘Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year’

Net Media Planet has been shortlisted for ‘Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year’ at the BT RetailWeek Tech & eComm Awards 2015. The ceremony is to take place on the 10th of June at the Hilton Hotel in London.

These awards look at the very best in retail innovation, and we couldn’t be more honoured to be recognised amongst our peers for this prestigious award. This success follows on from Net Media Planet’s nominations for this years Performance Marketing Awards, European Search Awards, and Brand Republic Digital Awards.

Our nominated campaign, “Bathe in Bathstore Success,” looked to solve a common problem faced by many retailers today, online to in-store tracking.

We created a solution that quantified the effect of Paid Search keywords on in-store purchases. The results were staggering. Through our developed tracking technology and optimisation process over 1000 keywords integral to in-store revenue, but not online revenue, were maintained.

“We are thrilled to be amongst those shortlisted for this award, and I’m extremly proud to be part of a team that has been recognised for 6 awards, in an industry that’s known for being competitive and constantly striving for innovation,” commented Joe Comotto Head of Search at Net Media Planet. “This is already a significant achievement, and we look forward to celebrating in June.”

Omni-Channel Marketing Solution Shortlisted for Brand Republic Digital Awards

After judges sifted through over 500 entries we are extremely honoured to be able to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Brand Republic Digital Awards 2015. Our omni-channel approach to Bathstore’s Paid Search campaign has been shortlisted within the Retail and E-commerce product sector category.

Our nominated campaign, “Bathe in Bathstore Success,” looked to solve a common problem faced by many retailers today, online to in-store tracking.

Over the past few years cookie tracking technology has become so sophisticated that retailers and business owners can track a consumer’s entire online path-to-purchase. However, for many businesses in-store purchases are greatly influenced by online touch points. In fact, 72% of Millennials research online before going in-store to purchase.

Online to in-store tracking is in its infancy and many advertisers can cause detriment to their overall sales by not fully understanding how their online advertising activity is influencing their in-store sales.

We created a solution that quantified the effect of Paid Search keywords on in-store purchases. The results were staggering. Through our developed tracking technology and optimisation process over 1000 keywords integral to in-store revenue, but not online revenue, were maintained.

We are looking forward to the awards on the 18th of June 2015, and once again we cannot say enough how honoured we are to be recognised as one of the top agency campaigns within this category.

If you wish to contact our team to see how we can help your compnay maximise their performance Paid Search and Display campaigns, reach us through our Contact Us page.