New Journeys

Dear friends,

I wanted to share some news from my side, having sold the business I have decided to move on from Net Media Planet.

It has been an amazing journey from seed of an idea and founding the business 11 years ago right through to this day.

I am immensely proud of the business and team – the amazing reputation we have in the industry, the great work we produce for clients, and our superb culture. The industry accolades say and mean a lot to me – from high growth entrepreneurship awards such as winning Entrepreneur of the Year, being listed in the Sunday Times Tech Track, and Deloitte Tech 50 and 500 across Europe fastest growing businesses through to over 30 industry awards for digital innovation.

Thank you for your partnership, business and faith in me as Founder and CEO.

The NMP business is in great shape and I am super excited for the team! A broadened management team is in place with Joe Comotto taking up the role of Operations Director, Sophie Kleiner rising to Head of Search and Damien Bennett starting a new and exciting role as Head of Strategy. They are primed for the next journey!

Of course I am sad to leave my team and my NMP ‘baby,’ but I am also excited about the future.

All the very best,

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10 Tips to Help Marketers Improve Ad Copy Performance

An excellent set of ad copies is one of the key factors to running an outstanding search campaign. A good and relevant ad copy does not only increase the click-through-rate, but it also contributes to the overall quality score, which again leads to a lower average CPC and higher ROI. Although we’re only allowed a limited number of characters for each line of texts, there are always creative and unique ways to make them more attractive and clickable.

If you are running out of ideas for your next set of ad copies or simply want them to out-perform the previous ones, then check out our top 10 tips on creating a high performing ad copy.

1. Include keywords in the ad copy

Keyword inclusion is one of the most important elements to a good ad copy as it increases both the relevancy and CTR. If someone is searching for a keyword related to jeans, then they are more likely to click on an ad that has jeans as opposed to dresses in the ad text.

2. Include brand name

Is your brand well-known? If it is, then including it in the ad copy can really increase CTR for generic keywords as people are more likely to check out a brand they already know. In addition, brand name inclusion can also improve the quality score as it’s highly relevant to the landing page.

3. Emphasise on unique offers

Is there as key reason that people choose to convert on your site in comparison to your competitors? Make sure that these are highly emphasised in the ad copy. However, if you don’t have enough space to promote the offer, then add it to the extension, which we’ll look at next.

4. Importance of ad extensions

One of the most frustrating things about writing an ad copy is staying within the character limit whilst trying to get your message, including keywords, offers and call to action words, across to your customers. This is where ad extensions become useful! They do not only make the ads more prominent, but they also include additional messages. Besides, ad extensions do not add any additional cost to your keywords.

5. Target local language

If you’re running international campaigns, then the best way of targeting local customers is to include keywords and ad copies in their local language. There are many online translation services available, so make sure that you pick a reliable one. Do remember to translate extensions as well, as you don’t want to show an ad copy in French to your French customers with English sitelinks and German callouts!

6. Remember your display URLs

The ad display URL isn’t the first thing people think about when creating an ad copy. Nevertheless, a relevant display URL can increase the CTR. This relates back to the point on keyword inclusion. A display URL that contains the search term is more likely to get clicked. But do remember to keep it short as something like is less attractive than

7. Capitalise at the right places

Capitalising words in the ad copies make it stand out more. However, there are restrictions to how much you can capitalise! The easiest thing is to keep it simple by capitalising the first letter of each word in the ad copy. We tested this out and it really does work!

8. Speak directly to your customer

Use of encouraging words that gives the customer a good feeling does not only give a positive association with your brand, but a happy shopper is also more likely to convert. Examples of positive messaging and direct communication for a fashion brand are: “look your best”, “find your perfect outfit”, “feel amazing” and so on.

9. Send your customers to the right landing pages

A shopper is more likely to convert if they find what they’re looking for! So remember to be as granular as possible with your landing pages. If someone is searching for the term “ladies red t-shirts”, then send them to the page that contains a selection of ladies red t-shirts. Combining this with our first point can really improve your ad performance!

10. Continuous testing

When you’re unsure about whether something will perform well, then test it out! Maybe you’ll discover something new that no one has touched on before!

These tips will help you maximise your ad copy performance. If you have any additional ideas or insights, then remember to leave us a comment below.