View from an Intern

One beautiful Monday morning, I took my first steps into both the world of digital marketing and NMPi’s London office. I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that this was where I wanted to be, and that I was going to learn as much as I could. As I was taken around the office and introduced to the team, I was met with a warm welcome. The very first thing I thought was “wow, everyone is so friendly and passionate…” And I was right!

My internship was split into three segments, so I could spend time working on 3 services NMPi provides for its clients: paid search, display advertising, and paid social. Each time I moved, I realised how incredibly diverse and fast-paced this industry is.

My first two weeks were focused on training, where I was introduced to the features of Google AdWords and DoubleClick. The training was incredibly detailed, which was very beneficial as digital advertising is a new field for me. It also meant that I was able to meet everyone on the team on a one-to-one basis.

With such in-depth training, it wasn’t long before I realised that even though I might be confident this week, there was always something new to learn. There’s always a new feature or development coming out that might help with a specific task, and clients are always looking for new and innovative solutions. If you’re planning to start a career in digital marketing, you should know that you’ll never be bored!

Like any new member of a company or industry, there were challenges. I was immersed in a new language based only in acronyms: CPC (cost-per-click), CTR (click-through-rate), AOV (average order value). It took a lot of support from my coworkers, but in a matter of weeks, I was fluent. I am still impressed and incredibly thankful to the team for their patience in guiding me through every step of every task. I could really feel that I was here to learn and that everyone was happy to help and walk me through it.

This wasn’t my first time in the working world and so, as an intern, I was expecting to be left alone at some point to do standard intern work – filing, coffee runs, simple tasks. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even in my first couple of weeks, I was given responsibility, with the best possible supervision. It completely changed the idea of internships that I had based on my past experiences.

One of my biggest highlights was the Friday company round up. Every team is given a chance to highlight what they’ve been up to for the week, giving everyone a chance to celebrate the weekly wins. One week, I was even given the opportunity to give the Agency team’s roundup – a lot of pressure! But it did give me a chance to speak in public and challenge my fear of having all eyes on me.

My internship was more than just interning in an office. I had the chance to go to socials after work, as well as have lunches with the different teams I was working on. I’m not just ending my time at NMPi with knowledge of digital marketing, but with memories of an incredible experience with amazing people.


NMPi Joins the BIG Alliance

NMPi recently partnered with BIG Alliance, an initiative designed to help businesses create social change for Islington. For our first project, we sent 4 of our team out to deliver digital training as part of a wider entrepreneurial project run by the law firm, Slaughter and May, called Firm Futures.

The project is designed to support new business ideas, with workshops sessions geared towards different aspects of building your own business. 

Our team was a knowledgeable one: two paid media executives, a junior marketing manager, and a partnerships manager; each bringing their own distinct set of expertise. Our session focused on developing your visual brand, building your website, and the importance of establishing a social media presence.

From icebreakers to wireframes, we worked with the future business owners to help them figure out the direction of their brands:

  • What would their logo look like?
  • What kind of colours would they use, and how would they reflect their brand?
  • What information would they include on their website?

The participants walked away with heads full of ideas and tips on how to push their brands out into the world.

It was a hugely rewarding session for everyone involved and the positive attendee feedback was well worth the whole experience. Overall, we were able to work with new people across the business, work on our public speaking, and give something back to the community.  

NMPi Gets 4 Nominations in DADI Awards

After last week’s iPMAs shortlist announcement, the award nominations keep coming as we are delighted to have been shortlisted in The Drum’s DADI Awards!

The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries, or the DADIs for short, aims to identify the best practises, companies and people in our industry. They cover all aspects of digital work: from apps to consumer products, use of search to social media, and even VR.

Once again, our innovative Google Shopping strategies for Harvey Nichols have garnered our team nominations in the Best Retail, Best Paid Search and Best Digital Strategy categories. Turning Google’s best practices on their head, we unlocked a channel that was previously inaccessible to tremendous success.

Our work with East Midlands Trains, a variation on competitor bidding designed to increase efficiency and maximise budgets, was also shortlisted in the Best Paid Search category.

The DADI Awards take place on 10th October, bringing together the industry’s elite to celebrate another successful year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for another big night for the NMPi Team.


NMPi Shortlisted at the International Performance Marketing Awards

We are so excited to announce that NMPi has been shortlisted for 6 awards at this year’s International Performance Marketing Awards. This is the international, and even more competitive, instalment of the Performance Marketing Awards which were hosted back in April. Going head to head against campaigns from around the world is no easy task, but we are delighted with the success we have had.

Our Work

Once again, our work with East Midlands Trains has received recognition in both the Best Paid Search Campaign category and the Western European – Best Performance Marketing Campaign or Strategy category. We’re also shortlisted in the Best Paid Search Category for our work with Harvey Nichols. You can find out more about the entry for East Midlands Trains here, and for Harvey Nichols here.

We have also been shortlisted in the Best Use of Data category, which was a joint entry with CJ Affiliate for our work with sports apparel retailer, Fanatics. We used data from a fantasy football API to make more intelligent bidding decisions and steal a march on our competitors on extremely competitive terms.

A new edition to our shortlisted campaigns this year is the creative programmatic work we have done with Liverpool FC, which has been shortlisted in both the Best Use of Data and Most Effective Use of Programmatic categories.

The Big Night

The ceremony takes place on the 15th of October, on the first day of PerformanceIn Live! If you’re attending PILive, be sure to check out our presentation on the Pavilion at 4.30pm. Fred Maude will be exploring the hype around AI, discussing real-world uses from both AI and Automation.