Upgrade Your Growth; Unleashing Potential with Beiersdorf, DraftKings, Incubeta Groundswell & Hyundai

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Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta as we hosted our first event since the unveiling of our vibrant new identity. Upgrade Your Growth brought together a range of experts from around the world to discuss ways of unleashing growth potential in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile times.

Access to the full presentations and session recordings can be found on Incubeta’s website. Below is a short description of the presentations from Barbara Wentzel (Head of Global Media at Beiersdorf AG), Julia Zheng (Growth Marketing Manager at DraftKings), Mark Lilley (Co-Founder & Director at Incubeta Groundswell) and Oscar Makola (Marketing Director, CMO at Hyundai ZA). Register today to watch the full event on demand.

The Little Blue Tin (Barbara Wentzel)

Despite its prevalence in the skincare industry, Beiersdorf is a relatively unknown entity, but Nivea – their largest brand – is polar opposite. Barbara’s presentation shone a spotlight on the Hamburg based brand Beiersdorf, and how they grew from a one product company in 1880, to a multi-billion pound industry in the 21st Century. 

Analytics, Automation, and Forward-Thinking Paid Search in Sportsbook and iGaming (Julia Zheng)

DraftKings is an American fantasy sports contest and betting operator that is a fast growing company within the gaming industry. Over the last year the iGaming market has boomed, and Julia’s presentation focuses on the path to success, and the need to be consistently transitioning – focusing on analytics, and data driven strategies to come out on top. (See full writeup). 

Focusing on the Complete Customer Journey (Mark Lilley)

Worldwide we’ve seen eCommerce going from strength to strength, hitting an all time high in the last 12 months throughout the pandemic – and it hasn’t stopped there. Mark’s presentation focuses on the fundamentals of the complete customer journey and the three pillars of eCommerce: Customer Acquisition, Conversion & UX, and Customer Retention. While touching upon the threats to success, and valuable insight sources. (See full writeup).

Upgrade Your Growth (Oscar Makola)

It’s never one silver bullet that drives success, it’s the combination of multiple factors that drive growth, performance and excellence. Oscar’s presentation focuses on the seven integral layers to marketing that have emerged throughout Covid and how, even during tough times, there is a higher purpose to what we do. (See full writeup).

To access the full recording of our global Upgrade Your Growth event, register here. or for more information on how Incubeta can drive performance for your business explore our solutions and get in touch today.

Increase your ROI with Influencer Amplification

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Awin and Incubeta have joined forces to offer additional influencer campaign support to brands in the form of Influencer Amplification, a display and programmatic solution boosting social campaign reach, brand impressions, and conversions.

Influencer marketing has continued to thrive throughout the global pandemic, with more brands utilising the creativity, flexibility, engagement and authenticity of influencers to promote products and/or services. The demand for user-generated content (UGC) soared as brands were forced to halt shoots, cut budgets and strip back campaigns under the national lockdown.

Awin and Incubeta are offering a new solution to overcome possible limitations of organic reach and rising costs associated with paid boosting. Influencer Amplification enables influencer content to reach new audiences outside traditional social media platforms via programmatic channels, implementing a scalable, cost-efficient and targeted solution.

Awin’s Influencer Partnerships Executive sat down to discuss Influencer Amplification with our UK Director of Innovation, Max Flajsner.

What is Influencer Amplification?

Moving beyond social platforms, Influencer Amplification leverages influencer content creation to gain wider viewership and engagement. Brands can refine and target online users to encourage further sales and click throughs, and can analyse additional touchpoints on the customer purchase journey.

Are there specific campaigns you think Amplification would lend itself well to?

Amplification is well suited to any business with an active presence on Instagram, whether that is through your own social channels or via influencer partnerships. It’s a great way for any brand to increase the reach of your social campaigns as well as obtain more data on what’s working!

How does this work?

Creative content is pulled from social media platforms and converted into standard IAB banner units. Advertisers can specify calls to action, styling and click through location. Keyword targeting overlay is added to individual posts to ensure relevant content is served. The Amplification process will adhere to the existing campaign objectives, target audience and content categories.

How can brands track Amplification?

There is no external set up. Brands can fully track amplification through the Awin platform. Further metrics and analysis can be obtained, including audience and placement insights as a result of Influencer Amplification service.

What is the set-up process?

A simple Google tag is all that is required to run amplification activity. We would also set up a discovery meeting for you to meet the team, introduce you to our platform and give us all the details on your business, your customers and your influencer/social activity.

What trends do you envisage for the influencer industry within 2021?

Influencer marketing has absolutely exploded onto the scene as a powerful channel for marketers, and it’s easy to see why – with influencers brands can directly tap into that level of trust they’ve built up with their followers to help them promote their products/services. However, like every popular new channel before it, after the initial boom comes the need to properly measure and assess the incrementality of the channel in the wider marketing mix. This is where we hope our Amplification tool can come in. By taking content out of the walled gardens of social media channels, we can far better analyse the true impact of your content – what type of content is working best, and what is the overall impact for your business.

Unveiling Incubeta’s New Brand Identity

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We are thrilled to introduce Incubeta, our parent company’s new identity, a rebrand that enables us to move beyond traditional client-agency relations, knocking down the silos of marketing to build world-class solutions and help businesses amplify growth. 

Incubeta’s vibrant new look represents the personality of the fun, diverse, bright and exciting people that make up the company. We are a team of more than 440 creators, thinkers, makers, and doers obsessed with finding creative ways to take businesses further, faster. Incubeta’s ‘Upgrade your Growth’ narrative emphasises how we will grow alongside our clients focusing on expanding our services and products across the entire customer journey – handing control back into client hands. 

The Incubeta group has grown 20 fold over the past 7 years, offering fantastic growth opportunities for its people and helping its rising number of clients grow in a complex digital environment. Accompanying Incubeta’s new narrative, NMPi along with our sister brands – DQ&A, Groundswell and Joystick – will become “Incubeta NMPi”, “Incubeta DQ&A”, “Incubeta Groundswell” and “Incubeta Joystick”. This change is a step towards bringing Incubeta business together, and will ensure that we’re ready to take advantage of any, and all opportunity that the future will bring.

Incubeta and Incubeta NMPi are committed to being a true performance partner – helping businesses find the right opportunities in a post-agency era – and our new identity will position us as such – transparent, accountable and agile. 

Incubeta Group CEO, Lars Lehne, shared his thoughts: “We are thrilled to unveil this new positioning representing the next chapter in our own growth story. Knocking down the silos of marketing and bringing our specialist teams together to build world-class solutions, helps our clients and partners deliver meaningful growth. While the Incubeta family will have a different look, what won’t change is the quality of our services and commitment to delivering outstanding work.

In order to support a digitally focused future, we have taken our business to the next level – embarking on a growth journey that both supports, and nurtures growth for Incubeta and our clients, and we look forward to taking the next step on our journey with you.

Join us in celebrating Incubeta’s evolution on April 22nd, 2021 at our global webinar, Upgrade Your Growth.  

We’ll be bringing together experts from around the world to discuss ways to unleash growth potential in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile times with some incredible speakers joining us, including Avinash Kaushik, Author of Web Analytics 2.0 and digital marketing evangelist at Google, as well as Olympic Gold Medalist, Michelle Carter.

Incubeta. Upgrade your Growth.

The New Frontier of Performance Marketing: Apps

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When Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007, few would have predicted just how ubiquitous a device it would eventually become, breaking all manner of sales records with well over two billion sold since launch. Just over a year later in 2008, Apple’s App store was released, and apps themselves have seen a similarly meteoric rise as they became part and parcel of our digital lives. 

2020 was something of a landmark year for the market – as the pandemic set in, there was a surge in usage as digital habits shifted dramatically. Total downloads hit 218 billion over the year, up 7% year on year, with some verticals in particular experiencing huge growth. Gaming was one such example, but this was also seen across a wide range of categories such as Education, Fitness and Health as users sought to look after their physical and mental well being.

2020 Trends

There were two key trends that set last year apart; a marked increase in engagement, and consumer willingness to transact within apps. The average mobile user spent around 4 hours a day on their mobile in 2020 (up from 3 and a half hours in 2019), with 88% of that time being within apps specifically. Meanwhile, total consumer app spending reached $143 billion, rising by an incredible 20% year on year. This sets the scene of a market that is only set to grow over the coming years.

There is however a bump on the horizon that app owners will have to navigate – Apple’s imminent full rollout of the iOS14 update across their devices. Apple have long positioned themselves as champions of user privacy in the tech world, and included within the latest version of their operation system is a fundamental switch in the way the sharing of user data is managed – opt in, rather opt out, will become the norm. Soon, all apps will be required to serve a notification that asks users to allow them to be tracked across other websites and apps,  or opt out. Predictions on the opt out rates are high, with some estimating it could be as high as 80%.

This has significant implications on app marketing – with the likely loss of a significant amount of user level data weakening platforms that make use of highly granular audience targeting. There will also be a reduction in tracking capabilities, with downstream events beyond the install (such as sign ups, in app purchases and purchases) becoming less reliably tracked.

The Performance Model

So where does this leave advertisers and agencies looking to map out their future app strategy, but faced with increasing uncertainty when it comes to tracking? A performance model is one logical route that advertisers can take to help them navigate this new landscape. By working under such a model, app owners can minimise their own risk, whilst ensuring that they pay out commission based on the value that they assign to installs, subscriptions or revenue.

Another important consideration that advertisers will need to take is their choice of channel mix. 

Apple’s own Search Ads platform (ASA) remains relatively unchanged amidst the upheaval, making it an increasingly attractive channel for advertisers to shift budget towards. ASAs allow for the placement of ads directly within Apple’s App Store, and unlike other channels that often make use of audience targeting options reliant on highly specific user data, ASAs are primarily contextual and intent-based – the ability to generate high value installs is driven primarily through the targeting of highly relevant search terms via keywords. These keyword targeting capabilities, in tandem with a pool of users whose presence on the App Store indicates they are actively in-market, means conversion rates for installs can often be close to 50%. 

Organic acquisition on the App Store is also a channel that advertisers should refocus their efforts on. In a post iOS14 world, App Store Optimisation (ASO) will also become increasingly important as a safe and reliable source of users and installs.

The close alignment and integration of paid and organic efforts across ASA and ASO will be crucial to setting up a successful long term strategy. At NMPi, our approach is to consider the channels as two sides of the same coin. A strong paid campaign can have a direct impact on boosting organic rankings, therefore close monitoring of both channels is important to fully measure success of your marketing efforts. A joined up reporting approach, comparing organic and paid performance down to the keyword level, can help provide a holistic view to ensure ad spend is being allocated as efficiently as possible.

For more information on how NMPi by Incubeta can help your brand excel within a performance model get in touch today, or explore the rest of our New Frontier of Performance Marketing series.