4 Search and Display strategies to support new store openings

A new store opening can be an exciting time for any brand, and brings with it valuable new business opportunities. However, the challenge for brands is how best to take advantage of this business opportunity and drive more sales activity as a result.


Paid Search and Display advertising is a great way to support a store opening. Compared to other marketing channels, Paid Search and Display advertising allows you to be highly targeted, enabling you to quickly and effectively target the right audience with the right message at the right time.


We recently supported a retail client with their launch of eight new stores across the UK over two months. Below are the Paid Search and Display strategies we implemented to help them maximise this business opportunity:


1. Incorporate store locations in your Paid Search campaigns: Ensure you expand your Paid Search campaigns to include new location variations as this will enable you to show the most relevant ads and landing pages from location-specific searches. While search volume on the location-specific keywords may be low initially, they should increase over time when awareness of the new store increases. We saw store location searches increase by up to +48% during the first week of each store opening.


2. Target interested prospects with Display Remarketing: Use a landing page with new store messaging as a way to attract and remarket to potential customers. By visiting that specific landing page, consumers will have inadvertently shown their interest in the brand and this will enable you to target them with relevant ads and new store promotions while they browse other pages on the internet. Compared to other Display campaigns, the Remarketing activity drove up to +54% more visitors to the client’s website.


3. Use RLSAs (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) for further reach: Incorporate RLSAs into a Paid Search strategy, similar to Display Remarketing. This will allow you to pre-qualify an audience with the ability to change ad copy depending on the nature of the consumer’s search query. For example, ad copy can be adjusted based on whether they have visited the store location page. Incorporating a new store location in ad text or sitelinks will make the ad more relevant to the consumer and assist in driving awareness of the store. We have seen this activity increase CTR by +32% and decrease CPCs by -18% when compared with generic activity.


4. Use Google Scripts to prompt a response: The Google ‘countdown’ Script in Adwords is an excellent tool to help build a sense of anticipation and urgency to a new store opening. Use this Google feature to countdown the days and minutes until your new store opens to create a buzz and sense of excitement. We tested this approach during our client’s store openings and saw CTR increase by +28%.


5. Take advantage of location extensions: Update location extensions within your Google Places account or manually within your AdWords account. This will ensure the location extensions on your ads remain up-to-date. We found that clicks on these extensions increased by up to +47%, after each store opened.


By integrating Paid Search and Display advertising in this way we helped to drive higher levels of performance and effectively support our client’s new store openings. This is an approach that we would recommend for any brand that is looking to help build awareness of a new store, create a sense of excitement to the upcoming opening and stimulate new business interest.


We are always happy to help, so please do get in touch if you would like support from us to help ensure that your new store opening or venture is a success!


Good luck!