4 Strategies to Get Creatives Noticed on Facebook

Facebook’s robust ad platform has the audience numbers and in-depth metrics that can help marketers drive real value to their advertising strategy. With so much happening on a single user’s newsfeed, it can be hard be heard above the noise. Advertisers have a split second to capture a viewer’s attention before they move on; if your message isn’t succinct, eye-catching and relevant, you’ve lost potential revenue. So how do you stand out on Facebook’s advertising platform?

 Video Ads

Facebook videos now get more reach than any other post. It is a real growth point for advertisers and has made a serious dent in YouTube’s monopoly on video advertising recently surpassing YouTube’s 7 billion daily video views by 1 billion. Brands interested in advertising on Facebook would be wise to take video ads seriously as a format to push their message ahead in creative, visual and memorable ways.

In addition, Facebook are favourable towards video advertisers. Auto play, and the launch of captioning for video ads, have made this marketing format accessible and more effective than ever to implement. 47% of Facebook users exclusively log into the social media site via mobile where 65% of Facebook video views occur. Video formats have to be adjusted for not only “viewability”, but for non-audio moments to capture attention quickly while scrolling through a feed.


Testing Visuals: The Right Image

Don’t make assumptions about what constitutes a “good image” for your Facebook ad campaign. Your personal preferences hold little weight here, it’s all about testing. Test several images to reveal the one that gets the most engagement and the most ROI. Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh offers this sage piece of advice, “When you have the ability to put a dozen or two images out there to test and see which image performs better, do it. You save money in the long run and create an ad that will get noticed more and create more clicks”

Getting the “Buy-In”: Why Should I Click?

It isn’t enough anymore to dump a picture on Facebook and hope for engagement. Your video, photo, or link, have to quickly tell the viewer why they should click on your ad. According to Hubspot’s Amanda Sibley, a good Facebook creative strategy includes not only a captivating image, but a clear reason that the person should visit your website, buy your product, or use your service. The ad needs to be believable and feel native and not intrusive. Back up your claims with text like “over 1 million happy customers!”, and last, but not least, have a clear call-to-action that conveys a sense of urgency.


Keep it Fresh

Consumers scroll rapidly through Facebook’s newsfeed and seeing the same ad day in, and day out, no matter how clever, can cause ad fatigue. If you have an ad that’s worked exceptionally well in the past, recycle it – use it as the springboard for ads that stem from the same value proposition. Split testing ads will help here – use an aspect of what made the ad successful and test from there. Same premise, different delivery in order to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Using Carousel Ads is another way to keep your messaging fresh. If you have images and copy that has worked, change it up by rotating your offer with different images of several items, or an in depth set of photos detailing one product.


To remain ahead of the pack, increase revenue and encourage meaningful engagement, advertisers need to adjust their marketing strategies to capture interest and offer relevant solutions and services to users rapidly scrolling through their Facebook feeds.