#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Paul Risebury-Crisp

Current Occupation?
Account Director

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
Clarity and accountability. When you do something that works, it’s easy to attribute success – and if you do something that doesn’t work, you can find out why quickly!

Favourite aspect of your job?
I love the variety of working with clients across different industries – different seasonal trends, different user-bases, different risks, issues, and opportunities. It keeps things exciting; means there’s always something new to be involved with and it makes you a bit of a Jack-of-all-sectors.

Why did you choose NMPi?
I bought in to the management team members that I met – I thought they were A) smart and B) nice. That’s what I like in a manager/director.

What projects are you working on now?
I’m working on taking two clients to new ways of working with the agency, and bringing two teams closer together to manage channels more holistically. I’m also helping clients push conversion volume and efficiency across the board, while continuing to put time in to developing my team to get them ready for the next stages of their careers.