A Day in the Life: Lucy Smith

We let one of our Senior Account Executives – Lucy Smith – loose with our Instagram account and asked her to give us a look a what a Day in the Life looks like for her. She was more than happy to oblige.  

8.45 – An earlier start than usual, but worth it to set up for our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. This is my third year organising the event and it’s really nice to be able to do activities like this outside of my day-to-day.

In perhaps the office’s best effort to date, I had almost a full patisserie’s worth of treats to choose from for breakfast. Nothing like a bit of sugar to get you going in the morning!

Having a lot of European clients means that they’ve had an extra hour in the office before I’ve even arrived – so responding to their emails is the first order of the day. The next task is to check the performance of the day before and make any optimisations to bids or budgets that need to be made. Some accounts are more reactive than others so it’s important that we keep on top of performance and how we are pacing against our targets.

11.00 – On Tuesday mornings, I have a weekly catch up with my team. Between us, we work on accounts in 8 different countries so we need to make sure everyone is supported in terms of workload and is kept up to date on performance and any upcoming changes.  It’s also a great chance for us to discuss projects outside our client base that can contribute to the business as a whole.

12.00 – Time for another cake! The trick to avoiding a sugar crash is to just replace the calories as you burn them off. My next job was to storyboard a deck for a quarterly strategic review. These happen (you guessed it!) every 3 months and are an opportunity for us to look back at performance before looking ahead to our strategy for the next quarter. We present our ideas to our clients and work with them to put together a roadmap that incorporates their business goals with our view of success for the accounts.

15.00 – After reports go out on Mondays, clients often have questions and updates for the week ahead. That means Tuesdays and Wednesdays are busy with client calls. Today I had a catch up with clients based in Switzerland and Italy to talk through last week’s numbers and review any actions or updates there might be from both sides. After the call, any actions get added to a Google Sheet so everyone has access and can update as required.

16.30 – The main event of the day – the drawing of the raffle prizes! Thanks to the generosity of our clients, partners and some local businesses we had a great selection – from theatre tickets to Japanese snacks and restaurant vouchers.

17.00 – As the day winds down and people cannot physically ingest any more sugar, it’s time to count up our donations. Thanks to the amazing generosity of everyone in the office, we raised just over £1,000 for Macmillan! The atmosphere in the office has been amazing (again, this might be a side effect of the sugar), and we’ve been able to support a great charity that provides essential support to those diagnosed with cancer.