A new way to get cheaper PPC traffic: Google Image Search Ads


On Tuesday, Google held a special event in San Francisco where they announced their latest innovation: Google Image Search Ads. 

Google have revamped their Google Images product and have now introduced PPC style ads that are shown above the images in Google Images.

 Google Image Search Ads

This is a nice innovation from Google which advertisers will be sure to capitalise on in the future. Net Media Planet are currently in discussions with our clients to have their ads shown in Google images, as images need to be uploaded into Google accounts via the ‘display ad builder’ tool in Google AdWords. 

While some are already criticising Google for making Google Images a copycat of Bing’s offering. I feel that it is wrong to be critical of Google over this, in my opinion Google and Bing images both look great and are very user friendly. I think it’s a really good new innovation of Google’s and Google Images is currently more popular than Bing images so it stands to reason that they want to use the best format for displaying their images. 

This latest innovation means that those brands that have large product ranges with lots of great images will be able to show ads for generic terms relating to their images. I’m certain these CPC’s (cost per click) will be cheaper than these generic terms are currently in traditional search. 

For more information regarding implementing Google Image Search ads you can contact Net Media Planet via our contact us page.