AdGibbon Presents ‘Mobile Formats & AB Testing Banners’ at NMPi Seminar

Justin Campbell, CEO of AdGibbon a Berlin based advertising company focused on improving the cross platform advertising experience, discussed the Do’s and Don’ts of mobile marketing and offered some sage observations and advice to advertisers at NMPi’s recent Evolving Digital seminar.

In its infancy, the mobile market didn’t take off because it was centred around games and ringtones. Mobile didn’t really progress until Apple unveiled the iPhone in 2007, with Android picking up their game in 2009.

Where are we now?
80% of usage is in app, and while the average person has over 20 apps on their phone they only use 10. Furthermore, the industry is now using UDIDs and Andriod IDs to combat the inability to use cookies on mobile devices causing a huge shift in retargeting. There has been an explosion in RTB, and mobile is changing the way we do business with the advent of ApplePay and Paypal.

Where Do Agencies Need to Advertise?
Agencies need to advertise in app where the majority of activity takes place. Agencies also need to advertise in games because 80% of gaming takes place in app, with targeting focused on on app name and site ID. Campbell was quick to dispel a common myth about the gaming industry, it’s no longer solely the domain of teenage boys, adult women are now the largest growing gaming demographic.


    •  People are spending more time on their mobiles than on laptops and that number is getting bigger.
    • 68% of shoppers use multiple devices when purchasing a product at least half of the time. Advertising needs to be on mobile to gain brand recognition.
    • Cross platform targeting will continue to be a massive shift in the industry.
    • 52% of users shop at home on their mobile, on apps such as Amazon.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Target high-end devices: target the newest version of iOS and Android, because early adapters are more technologically savvy and more likely to buy on mobile.
  • Start campaigns in the early morning, but not at the beginning of the day: a high CTR doesn’t always equal high conversion. Ad servers start at midnight, and while you can get large amounts of traffic at night from people who are googling on their phones or bored, they don’t tend to convert. Start your campaigns in the morning and split them up throughout the day to evenly spread your advertising spend.
  • Always run on white lists: a safe list of apps and sites where you can run your campaigns.
  • Beware that mobile is prone to fraud: unfortunately, it’s easy to create click bots and impression bots in exchanges so advertisers must always check their traffic sources.
  • Design your creatives and banners in high resolution: Screen resolution is much higher on mobile so design your creatives in double the size and then scale down so you don’t get pixelated banners.
  • Have a Call to Action: place it the right hand side of the screen because most people are right handed. Be as direct as possible with your CTA, “Buy now” ,”Sign Up Now”
  • Make your ads stand out: banners with images or faces of people tend to do better. High contrast creatives also do well but make sure they’re not too busy.

Download Justin’s Slides: Mobile – How Advertisers can Embrace New Formats and Improve Performance with AB Testing: