Advisory Session Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions (‘The Terms’) applicable to the use of NMPi’s free Advisory Sessions.

“Confidential Information” means the information provided by one party (“Discloser”) to the other (“Recipient”) in written, graphic, recorded, machine readable or other form concerning the business, clients, suppliers, finances and other areas of the other party’s business or products, including, without limitation, Online Advisory Session Materials, but does not include information in the public domain other than through the default of the party disclosing the information, information required to be disclosed by any court or regulatory authority, or any information already in the possession or control of the disclosing party.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means copyright, rights in or relating to databases, patent rights, designs and registered designs, trademarks, rights in or relating to Confidential Information and other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) throughout the world.

“Online Advisory Session” means the delivery by us of an online advisory session which You have requested.

“Services” means the provision of the Online Advisory Session.

“You” or “User”  means the individual requesting the free Online Advisory Session.

“Parties” mean the User and NMPi Limited.

Intellectual Property


  1. All Intellectual Property in the Online Advisory Session and the speeches made by advisors through the Online Advisory Session are and remain that of NMPi UK. Such materials may not be reproduced whether in all or in part by any method whatsoever, without prior NMPi’s permission.


Use of the Services

  1. Access to the NMPi Online Advisory Session is free of charge and is subject to NMPi’s discretion.
  2. NMPi does not guarantee that the User will receive an advisory session.
  3. Due to demand or resources, Incuebta might not be able to continue delivering the Services. Therefore, NMPi reserves the right to stop providing the Services at its sole discretion.
  4. Once the Services are requested NMPi, at its sole discretion, will allocate the most appropriate advisor based on the topic and expertise.
  5. Each advisory session will last 30 minutes and each User is entitled to 1 session only, unless NMPi, at its sole discretion, decides to provide further Online Advisory Sessions to the User.
  6. If the User misses the Online Advisory Session, this session cannot and will not be rebooked.
  7. The User understands that if further services are required by the User outside the advisory session, new terms and conditions shall be signed between the Parties to govern the new contractual relationship.

Confidential Information

  1. During the use of the Services, Confidential Information might be disclosed. Recipient agrees to hold the Proprietary Information disclosed by Disclosing Party in confidence and not to, directly or indirectly, copy, reproduce, distribute, manufacture, duplicate, reveal, report, publish, disclose, cause to be disclosed, or otherwise transfer the Confidential Information disclosed by Disclosing Party to any third party. This clause shall continue notwithstanding termination of these terms and conditions.



  1. The Online Advisory Sessions are free of charge.


Disclaimer and Liability

  1. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply to the Services or any content on it, whether expressed or implied.
  2. Although NMPi aims to provide the Services to the highest standards of the industry, neither it, nor its advisors accept any liability for (i) any inaccuracy or misleading information provided in the Online Advisory Session and any reliance by the User on any such information, (ii) any loss of profit, revenue or goodwill, or (iii) any indirect, special or consequential loss arising from any breach of the Services.
    1. NMPi’s total liability arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions and the delivery of the Service shall be limited to £850 which is the fee that would be charged by us in connection with the relevant Online Advisory Session if they were charged.
    2. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits the parties liability for death or personal injury arising from negligence, or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by English law.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

  1. The English courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The governing law of this agreement shall be the substantive law of England and Wales.