12 Days of Christmas Strategy: What to do After Black Friday

Black Friday may be over but it’s just the beginning of the holiday shopping season. For many online retailers, we are now at the peak of trading, which can make or break your year.

This blog kicks off our ‘12 Days of Christmas Strategy’ series. For the next 12 [business] days we will be providing some of our top digital tips, and answering some of the frequent questions we received from brands.

To get you started, we have outlined 3 things you need to think about in the run-up to Christmas now that we’re through Black Friday.

  • Don’t Treat Black Friday as an Exception

There is a lot of work and custom analysis that happens purely for Black Friday, such as, when should you push mobile, when’s the best time to push bids, and which audiences to use. This analysis should apply to all your peaks over the next 2 months, not just for Black Friday!

  • Expect to See Your Sales Phase Change

Consumers may not be using the cyber weekend to purchase additional goods but rather redistributing sales from the Christmas period. Don’t isolate your performance by month, look at the period as a whole to deem it a success otherwise, December could be severely under index.

  • Keep Your Customers Engaged

The Christmas shopping period is getting longer and longer, and consumers are now saturated with marketing messages starting in October, so you need to be different. Change your messaging to prevent creative fatigue and keep consumers engaged with your brand through the whole period.

These 3 tips just scratch the surface when it comes to assessing performance and your approach to the festive period. We will be covering more topics over our ‘12 Days of Christmas Strategy’ blog series so stay tuned, and follow our progress on Twitter with #12DayofStrat!