Executive Summary

With mobile advertising showing over 75% growth during 2013 (AdAge Mobile Face Pack), mobile has become an essential part of every digital marketer’s strategy.

Mobile search has significantly risen in the last two years with the increase of smartphone uptake and smart marketers are adapting their marketing efforts for this channel.

Why mobile is important for Paid Search

Inventory-aware campaigns allow a brand to automatically monitor its existing product feeds, updating any changes in prices, descriptions, promotions or even landing pages. These changes are then used to create up-to-date ad groups, keywords and customised ads at scale, meaning that no opportunities are missed. The customer is always delivered ads that correspond to real time data on inventory and take them to the right landing page, so that advertisers can maximise potential sales.

Benefits for advertisers

  • Targeting capability

As many as 50% of mobile searches have local intent; consumers on mobile devices are seeking products and services around them. Through mobile Paid Search, it is possible to optimise a campaign with a wide array of targeting settings to reach consumers while they are on the go.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Mobile Paid Search still represents a big opportunity for savvy advertisers. While competition is increasing, the ratio of mobile ad spend to mobile use still remains largely favourable to advertisers.

  • Engage with consumers in new ways

Google, for example, has developed site link extensions on mobile. These have the potential to provide services that will help increase CTR on mobile Paid Search ads and are very likely lead to increased conversions. A few other examples include: Click-to-download ads, Click-to-call ads and Location Extensions. All of these features provide new ways to engage with consumers and drive more performance from campaigns as a result.

  • Drive more immediate conversions

Mobile ads can be tailored to encourage immediate conversions from Paid Search ads. In fact, research indicates that 70% of all mobile searches result in action within an hour of the query.

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