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View from an Intern

One beautiful Monday morning, I took my first steps into both the world of digital marketing and NMPi’s London office. I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that this was where I wanted to be, and that I was going to learn as much as I could. As I was taken around […]

NMPi moves into Asia

In keeping with our global growth strategy, NMPi has launched offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The expansion into the Asian market takes advantage of our current international relationship with Clicks2Customers, who have operated in the Asian market successfully for over 7 years. Since October 2016, NMPi has launched offices in Australia, South Africa, the […]

Using Digital to Win Votes

The challenge of elections Digital marketing is becoming more important than ever in modern elections as it allows political campaigns to precisely target key voters without wasting resources. The nature of the political system in the UK means that a relatively small amount of the population has a voice that counts. In certain “swing seats” […]

The Importance of A/B Testing Social Media Formats

Why A/B test social media platforms? Why not just use the latest social media innovation for your next campaign? The answer is simple: Social media has evolved. If social media isn’t static, why should your advertising be? Social media advertising is showing increasingly clever and complex creatives to viewers. In this sudden format influx, how […]

#12DaysofStrategy: How does Christmas on Sunday Effect Shopping Behaviours?

Christmas falling on a Sunday leaves an entire day free for last minute shopping, sometimes referred to as “Panic Saturday”. In addition to this retailers may also see instances of showrooming, whereby a consumer sees an item in-store but completes their purchase online, sometimes at a lower price. A typical consumer experiences a digital touch […]

#12DaysofStrategy: Getting Demographic Targeting Right

With increased competition this year and Amazon’s ever-strong presence, advertisers need to be more intelligent with their budgets. This includes which keywords to bid on, which users to target, and the best times to increase coverage. This year, Google has enabled demographic targeting for search, and this article explores the opportunities it creates in improving […]

#12DaysofStrategy: How to Maximise Audience Data

Maximising the value advertisers leverage from their audience data is one of the fundamental digital marketing principles marketers need to get right. However, this is often something that advertisers struggle with, but there are several types of audience data that advertisers have access to and can easily collect. Often referred to as first-party data, the […]

Fashion Made Easy with Google’s Shop the Look

Last year, Google made mobile shopping from search results a cinch when it launched ‘buy on Google’ and ‘checkout’ buttons, turning casual browsing into cash. They’ve taken it one step further in 2016 by partnering with Polyvore, Curalate, and LiketoKnow.it to get users to purchase items directly. The goal: to make search even more lucrative. It […]

Categorising Demographics: What’s The Issue?

‘Millennials’ are out. According to two separate studies, patterns of behaviour and attitudes are preferred segmentations to define consumers, rather than sweeping demographic categories. New research claims that marketers need to move beyond demographic data and ‘lazy’ terms such as ‘Millennial’ when creating customer segmentations. It is not enough to simply paint groups with the […]