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Boosting Performance with Expanded Text Ads

Last August, Google expanded the character limits within their text ads in SA360, ahead of the Responsive Search Ads launch tipped to launch in autumn this year. In true NMPi fashion, we’ve been testing the effect of the increased SERP real estate on campaign performance. What are they? The extra character limits are designed to […]

4 Ways to Utilise and Personalise Data

Marketers have spent the best part of two decades collecting as much data from consumers as they physically can; more data than they can use. In theory, all this information can be translated into data-driven decisions. This is the real benefit of these swathes of data, but many haven’t taken advantage of this. Perhaps this […]

Is Blockchain the Future of Digital Marketing?

Blockchain has been posed as the next big technological disruption. It has already generated shockwaves in the financial industry with its decentralised network of transactions, an alternative to the current centralised model controlled by financial institutions. From the Google search trends below you can see the rapid growth it has had in the past year: […]