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MythBusting: Facebook’s Server-to-Server Integration

Read Time: 2 mins 40 secs Here at NMPi by Incubeta, intelligent, accurate attribution is always front and centre of our decision making. Social has always required a slightly different approach from our other performance channels due to the extremely limited insight available via third party tracking solutions. I wrote on this a couple of […]

Top 5 Tips to Beat Your Competitors

Resellers can be a thorn in the side of any retailer, especially when it comes to drawing in traffic through advertising. Whether it’s through Paid Search, Display, or Paid Social, we’ve gathered some of our top tips for beating out your competitors across the digital space. On Social, you are able to exclude your site […]

Facebook Attribution: Smoke & Mirrors or the Real Deal?

Whilst it is tempting for any current blog regarding Facebook to address the ongoing scandal around the illicit harvesting, packaging and selling of unknowing users’ data, there is another Facebook practice shrouded in just as much mystery: attribution. Many digital marketing channels have moved their attribution towards time-decay models, data-driven attribution or, at the very […]