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Data Integration: Taking a Measured Approach

Read Time: 3 Minutes NMPi’s Performance Display Channel Manager, Anna Jorysz, took to the stage at our latest seminar to talk about how to take a measured approach to your data integration. Anna will be the first to tell you that innovation is integral to creating an attention-grabbing display campaign, but it has to have […]

The Power of Adaptability

Read Time: 5 Minutes Laura Penhaul was the keynote at NMPi’s recent seminar, where she talked about her experience as Team Leader for the Coxless Crew as they rowed across the Pacific Ocean, setting 2 world records in the process. “When there is an element of choice,” she began, “we and society as a whole […]

Napapijri Takes Responsibility

Read Time: 3 Minutes The fashion industry of late has gone through a shocking realisation. The realisation that it is, unfortunately, a dirty business. Statistically, it is one of the top polluters in the world: a survey from Sainsbury’s last year showed that 235m items ended up in a landfill as people switched to their […]

Audio: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Read Time: 3 Minutes Many assume that when we talk about the origins of audio ads we’re referring to radio ads, but actually back in the 1890s there was a telephone newspaper that would transmit news and entertainment over telephone lines, and brands could pay for a short audio spot to reach those listeners. As […]

Sustainable Growth in Unstable Times

Read Time: 3 Minutes It is an understatement to say that digital and technology is central to our lives – and this gives us access to unparalleled amounts of information. The problem with this, states Abigail, Head of Retail at Google Marketing Platform, is that it ends up giving us far too much choice. We […]

Demystifying In-Housing

Read Time: 2 Minutes Over the past few months, there is one word that keeps cropping up throughout blogs and industry news: in-housing. It’s a word that comes with promises to transform your ways of working and the quality of your marketing overall. Nevertheless, the conversations are full of contradictions, with mixed reports of the […]

NMPi Takes the Gold at UK Biddable Media Awards

We are delighted to say that we have taken home the award for Best Use of Data at the UK Biddable Media Awards, which rewards the best and brightest in the biddable industry. It is a huge honour to have our work recognised in such a competitive category.   View this post on Instagram   […]