Big Changes in Google’s PPC Yesterday!

At Net Media Planet we pride ourselves on always being up to date with the latest new developments and innovations in the Search Marketing Industry. In light of this we would like to draw your attention to a raft of new updates from Google that relate to their PPC ads.

What are the updates?

1. Google has introduced sitelinks on generic keywords.

Generic Sitelinks

2. Google has introduced sitelinks on ads in position 2.

Sitelinks in P2

3. Google now shows ‘related to’ ads on branded keywords.

Google Related Ad's

As we reported in our post yesterday…Google are now showing related to ad’s on branded keywords. For more information go to Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s Appearing on Brand Terms`

So what does all this mean?

1. Showing sitelinks on generic keywords means that there will be a premium on position 1 for generic terms.  Having sitelinks on your keywords can improve your click through rate (CTR) by up to 30% (in our research.) This means that there will be more aggressive bidding from advertisers who want to appear in position 1.

2. Showing sitelinks in ads for position 2 means that there will be a greater amount of real estate taken up by PPC ads in the search engine results page (SERPS.) As a result there will be more people clicking on PPC ads as opposed to the organic listings, which will be pushed further down the page.

3. Google displaying ‘related to’ ads on branded keywords means that it will be showing more PPC ads than would appear normally. This means people have more choice of where to click.  As a result of this there will be fewer clicks on the organic listings.


The effect of these new changes will be even greater importance on PPC advertising, as opposed to SEO and the natural rankings. These look set to suffer as they begin to take up less real estate within the search result pages.

As a result of this, Google stands to benefit from the increase in PPC clicks over the natural result clicks and more aggressive CPC bidding by advertisers. This will lead to greater revenue generation for Google through advertisers’ PPC ads.

Net Media Planet will continue to monitor the effect of these Google updates, which were released on 24 June, and we will update our blog if and when we have more news.