Bing Announces Import Updates to Support for Google’s Upgraded URLs

Bing has been busy over the past few months implementing new updates in an attempt to create a more “seamless and efficient” user experience for advertisers who import their campaigns from Google AdWords.
Just last March Bing Ads implemented their Unified Device Targeting, which further consolidated their targeting options by adding smartphones to PPC and tablet targeting.

Now, Bing has announced that from early May 2015 they will be supporting the Upgraded URLs feature which is currently available in Google AdWords.

For advertisers who are looking to import their AdWords campaigns directly into Bing Ads, this support will allow them to simplify their campaign transition making it hassle-free, efficient and a big time-saver.

Dates to be Aware of

In early May 2015, Bing Ads will make updates to help support the importing of Upgraded URLs from AdWords.

By the end of summer this year, Upgraded URLs will be available for advertisers on Bing Ads.

The Implementation of Upgraded URL Support

The updates occurring in May will consist of a two separate parts: Upgraded URL import support and support for Google’s new ValueTrack feature.

Upgraded URL Import Support

This update is for advertisers who import their campaigns from Google AdWords into Bing Ads Web UI or Bing Ads Editor.

When importing campaign information from Google, Bing will take an advertisers current tracking templates across all campaign levels and URLs to reconstruct a destination URL that is compatible with Bing Ads.

It is important to note that Bing Ads is currently unable to import URLs that use custom parameters (e.g. {_creative}=1234). They will skip entities during Google Import that reference custom parameters either in their Final URLs, Final Mobile URLs or Tracking templates.

Below is a table that defines how the update will affect destinations URLS for text ads, keywords and sitelink extensions. It also looks at how it will handle destination URLs, final URLs, and final mobile URLs.

Support for New ValueTrack Parameters

With the launch of Upgraded URLs, Google also introduced new ValueTrack parameters. These parameters allow advertisers to track additional custom insights about their business.

Bing has announced that it will be supporting these new dynamic text parameters to allow advertisers increased insights into campaign performance, ultimately improving optimisation decisions. The following dynamic text placeholders will be supporting within Bing Ads’ destination URLs.

For the dynamic text parameters that will return empty values in May, such as {feeditemid} above, there will be full support at a later date. Bing has also stated that there will be more details released over the upcoming months.

For full details visit Bing Ads’ website.