Bing Image Extensions Now Out of Beta

Example of Bing image extensionsBing’s image extensions are no longer in Beta and are available on its advertising platform for paid search across all markets. In 2013 Google attempted image extensions and decided to drop it at the Beta stage. Now Bing has picked up where Google left off to give its users the ability to show up to six images alongside their Paid Search ads, including other extensions.

Bing has made the process of adding image extensions easy by listing a step-by-step guide on their ad page:

  • Click Campaigns at the top of the page and click the Ad Extension tab. If not already selected, click Image Extensions.
  • Click Create ad extension and select the campaign you want to add the image extension to.
  • Click Create new image extension.
  • Enter the Name/Display Text, Description (optional), and Destination URL (optional) of the Image Extension.
  • To Select your images, you can Select an existing image or your brand logo or Upload new images. Click on the image(s) you want to appear in both Bing and MSN, and review the images in Selected images. You can also click on See how your images will look in an ad to get an idea of how your image may appear.
  • Click Save.

Edging Out the Competition
Image extensions set your ads apart from the competition by visually promoting your products and services. This helps increase brand awareness and customer engagement. They can also improve click through rates and make a great addition to a traditional text campaign. As an added bonus they allow merchants who don’t use shopping campaigns to use visual ads as Bing image extensions don’t require you to have a product feed.

Even if you do use shopping campaigns, we still recommend using these in addition to your regular campaigns for added visibility. For instance, if you don’t appear at the top page of your shopping campaigns, you run the risk of losing out on consumer engagement. Furthermore, by adding image extensions you have a greater chance of increasing your click through rate while displayed beside shopping campaigns.

Image extensions are a major benefit for industries that do not look to sell a specific retail product and wouldn’t benefit from shopping ads. For instance, if a user types in ‘trips to New York’, images can really help grab their attention. Industries such as travel, finance and services lacking tangible products, have the opportunity to display attention grabbing images similarly to shopping ads.

Definitely consider putting some test budget into image extensions. From our previous experience with Google’s image extensions in most cases CTR greatly increases however, make sure you keep an eye on your CPC value.