NMPinsider: 5 Minutes with a Graduate Apprentice.

Here at NMPi, we like to boast that our workforce is made up of some of the greatest minds in the Digital Marketing Industry.  We pride ourselves on hiring a diverse range of staff, with varying levels of experience, across a multitude of positions. It’s not rocket science that young talent is important, as proven by the 17-year-old intern at NASA that discovered a planet on his third day on the job.

It’s #NationalApprenticeWeek this week. Whilst we’re not on the hunt for a new planet, we thought we’d give you an NMPinsider look into what you can expect from an apprenticeship at a leading digital marketing agency. We got our resident Degree Apprentice to give us the lowdown…

5 minutes with Sam Seylani: Graduate Apprentice Account Executive, Agency Team. 

So, Sam. You’re a “Degree Apprentice” for us here at NMPi. Could you explain what this means, and how this role works?

After I finished my A-Level studies in the summer, I applied for a degree apprenticeship role at NMPi. 2 interviews later, and I was hired as an Account Executive on the agency team. A degree apprenticeship combines full time paid work with part-time degree-level study.

I work full time at NMPi and travel up to Manchester Metropolitan for a couple of days every month (25 days per year) where I study for my BSC Digital Marketing Degree. We get assignments to complete, and I am given time to work on these at NMPi. 20% of my work hours are spent completing assignments, going to interactive Q&A sessions with my lecturers or participating in any other ‘off-the-job’ training.

It’s 9:00am, you’ve just arrived at the Incubeta Office. What does a general day look like for an Apprentice?

I usually start my day by catching up with my mentor, on what I need to complete in the day ahead. I work on a couple of client accounts so I spend a lot of time making sure our clients are happy, and making the desired changes to their accounts. These requests can vary from editing ads to creating budget monitors. this gives me a really detailed look into the way digital ad campaigns are run. 

At lunchtime, a group of us will usually find somewhere around Old Street to eat. We get office lunch provided once a fortnight, or we do a vote for where to go and eat out on a Friday, which is always an important topic of conversation. After eating, quite a lot of us will gather around the table football table in the office breakout area. Competition levels are high, with a league ongoing. Some people take this a little too seriously!

After lunch, I split my time between working on my university assignments, or tasks for the agency team. I get to split my time and can work on these assignments during my working week. 

A Degree Apprenticeship is a popular choice for students now-a-days. What skills have you learnt from your time here at NMPi so far?

I feel that since I joined NMPi in September, my communication skills have improved a lot. Being given the opportunity to interact with clients on a regular basis, has given me the confidence to speak to clients on a B2B basis. Working at NMPi has also given me the experience of working in an office environment at a relatively young age. I knew I wanted to go into a Degree Apprenticeship, as I felt it would suit me better than full-time study, for example; by the time my university course finishes, I will have gained 4 years’ worth of incredibly useful work experience which is so beneficial and will help with my personal progression. 

I’ve also learnt so much about the industry itself. It’s great that I can apply the knowledge I’m studying, in real-time, which is helpful because Digital Marketing is such a fast-paced industry.

We love having you as part of our hardworking team, but It’s not all hard work though, right? What’s your favourite part about working for NMPi?

My favourite part about working at NMPi is the culture. We all manage to find time for a lot of laughs whilst also remaining hard working. We get great training, which means we’re always developing our skills. Despite being the youngest person at the company, everyone has made me feel welcome and I really feel like part of the family now! There’s people of all ages here so it’s very inclusive. 

After work, my colleagues and I often stay back to get a bit of extra practice on our table football skills, or take part in one of the company social nights, which range from games nights to tropical themed parties. We also have office drinks on a Friday or go to a nearby bar to have a drink and play some pool or darts. 

If you’re interested in working for NMPi, check out our careers page.

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