NMP to Become NMPi as it Evolves

After twelve years and several significant changes, NMP has evolved once more. Today, we will be changing our name to NMPi. We have a lot in store for us over the coming year as we plan to move our brand forward, and continue to stand out from the crowd, and differentiate ourselves within the industry.

For us, the “i” represents much more than a letter. It is our innovation, our integrated strategies and our intelligent approach to digital marketing.  The brand name NMP was originally chosen to allow us flexibility, and as we continue to evolve as a business, so will our brand.

NMPi Selected as a Trusted DoubleClick Channel Partner

NMPi is excited to announce its recent partnership with Google’s DoubleClick Platform as a Channel Partner. NMPi is one of a few selected UK agencies to join the Channel Partners programme, and the partnership will see NMPi reselling the platform to customers who want to incorporate Google’s DoubleClick services into their marketing activity. The DoubleClick suite offers brands digital solutions across Paid Search, Display, and creative production.

Frederic Lutt, Head of Independent Agencies, Direct Marketers and Partners at DoubleClick welcomed NMPi to the DoubleClick family, “We are delighted to confirm the addition of NMPi to the DoubleClick Channel Partner Program. We appointed NMPi after an extensive selection process and we are confident that this partnership will help us to further extend the DoubleClick proposition for the SMB segment of the UK & Ireland markets.”

Head of Channel Partners, James Seaford echoed this sentiment, “We have a long standing partnership with DoubleClick which has driven impressive results for our campaigns.  Not only have we been able to deliver performance uplifts and more detailed multi-channel insights for our clients, but from a user perspective it’s just a great intuitive platform to work on.  We are extremely excited about being selected as a UK Channel Partner as it offers us the opportunity to work closer still with DoubleClick and share our knowledge with other advertisers through the program.

This is a tremendous asset for brands and agencies who are looking to have the power of DoubleClick’s extensive ad serving platform at their fingertips. NMPi will be able to provide clients with DoubleClick training, along with suite easy set up and management. DoubleClick is a full service platform, offering detailed marketing insights, refined reporting, and the creation of cost effective advertising campaigns. Clients can enjoy the benefits of a premium ad service along with NMPi’s 12 years of digital marketing expertise to create high quality campaigns.

Joe Comotto, Operations Director at NMPi praised DoubleClick’s performance stating, “DoubleClick’s approach to the DDM platform has always been about building a leading technology and constantly improving it. This is one of the reasons that they resonate with so many advertisers including ourselves. Being selected as a UK & Ireland Channel Partner offers us the opportunity to share our extensive experience in delivering high performance campaigns and helping our partners achieve theri goals.”

The Complete Guide to Performance Marketing

The Performance Marketing Guide 2015 acts as a whistle-stop tour for any advertiser, agency or publisher looking to apply a performance angle to their existing marketing activity.
PerformanceIN’s 2015 Performance Marketing Guide is now available to download, with contribution from Net Media Planet.
We were honoured to have the opportunity to add our knowledge and expertise to the Display Advertising chapter this year. Our chapter is an extensive overview and guide to Display Advertising, the fastest growing digital advertising channel for the past two years.
Today, Online Display spans across desktop and mobile websites, mobile apps, and video platforms, which are discussed in detail within the chapter. Furthermore, Online Display ad technologies and techniques are far more sophisticated than anything we’ve seen in the past two decades, offering more effective advertising opportunities than ever before.
The future of Display Advertising is boundless. In its ability to build brand awareness and gain direct response results, online display advertising has become an integral part of online marketing as a whole. It offers advertisers a unique full-funnel view of the consumer that no other form of advertising can boast on its own.
The fourth annual Guide is over 150 pages worth of informative content on the performance industry at present, as well as how it may evolve over the next 12 months. It includes further topics such as Search, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.
Chris Johnson, editor at PerformanceIN, believes the new guide could play a crucial role in helping companies understand performance marketing’s shifting landscape.
“Trying to keep up with developments in an industry that consistently moves forward is no mean feat. Even some of the longstanding digital channels like display, social and search are being engulfed in a wave of innovation, meaning that some ‘tried and tested’ methods of achieving success just won’t work in our evolving climate.”
The Performance Marketing Guide 2015 is now available to download exclusively at PerformanceIN.
For more information on the future of Display Advertising watch our January Webinar with PerformanceIN: Watch Now

Join Our Free Display Advertising Insights Webinar

Display Advertising: What to Expect in 2015

Date: Thursday, 22 January 2015 at 2:00 PM (GMT)
Featuring: CEO, Sri Sharma & Head of Display Sales, Andrew Turner

Net Media Planet is pleased to announce that we will be joining up with PerformanceIN to share our predictions for Online Display Advertising in 2015.
As the fastest growing digital advertising channel, Online Display Advertising is rapidly becoming a critical channel for UK advertisers.Learn more about what the future holds for Online Display Advertising across the areas of Programmatic, Mobile and Video display advertising.
We will explore how marketers should adapt to developments in Online Display Advertising expected in 2015 in order to maximise their online performance across multiple channels and devices.
Spaces are limited so register today!

More Updates to Google Shopping, What Does this Mean for you?

Last week Google released several new updates to Google Shopping campaigns, formally known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We chatted with Net Media Planet Analyst, James Pendleton, to discuss what these changes are and how you can expect them to affect your PLA campaigns in the upcoming month.

1) Addition of PLA Auction Insights

Google Shopping data metrics now include Impression Share, Overlap Rate, and Outranking Share at Campaign and Ad group level.
With the original Google Shopping transition came the first competitive metrics for shopping. These included benchmark CTRs, CPCs and impression shares. They are important metrics to look at for optimisation, however; with these new insights users can compare their metrics to the competition benchmark. For instance, Overlap Rate now allows users to view key competitors who appear in Shopping Search results at the same time as their ads appear. This will help retailers to stay on top of competition by viewing trends and strategic opportunities.

Furthermore, all of these new insight metrics can be further segmented by device and time. This gives advertisers the ability to compare themselves against competitors with even greater detail. As mobile becomes a more valuable space this information will be critical to success.

2) Improved Search Impression Share

PLA impression share will no longer be calculated from campaign level but from customer ID level. Incidentally, this is how Google Search currently calculates Impression Share.
Google is making an effort to align Google Shopping features to those of text ads. Besides the one-time change in impression share when comparing October and November there should be no impact on how you manage the campaign. This will be useful when making optimisation decisions as there will be consistency between text ads and PLAs during data analysis.

3) New Columns for Predictive Bid Simulator Metrics

The Predictive Bid Simulator allows you to estimate how bid changes can impact your impressions. Google’s update allows users to download predictive information into a standardised report.
Although, currently this update will not have much of an effect on the overall product, the information produced by the Bid Simulator is a useful basis from which to start forecasting on optimisation scenarios.

4) Ability to Sort Product Groups by Performance

Impression Share percentage and other columns can now be sorted from product group data.
This is another function that will not greatly affect Google Shopping campaigns but it will help to give advertisers a better overview of product group performance by sorting important benchmark columns quickly.

5) New Diagnostics Tab in the Merchant Center

Within AdWords, The Data Quality tab has been replaced by the new Diagnostics Tab.
The work involved in troubleshooting and comparing AdWords performance to ProductFeed content is cumbersome. The new Diagnostics Tab will save time with the ability to download a report of issues with the feed at the ID-level from AdWords.

6) Merchant Promotions for non-US Advertisers

This is the most visual update made by Google. It enables retailers to show promotions within their PLAs on search results and Google Shopping.

Until now this option has only been available within the US market but Google has opened Merchant Promotions to United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and India just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This feature will be incredibly beneficial to retailers who take advantage of it, as it highlights the benefit of purchasing from a retail website at the moment consumers are deciding where to shop. It makes the offer more enticing to the consumer with its visual icon.


Overall, we are seeing major alignments between Google Shopping and AdWords reporting, which will ultimately increase optimisation efficiencies between the two. With the Christmas peak just around the corner you can take a couple of these updates and implement them straight away to help improve your campaign performance. We recommend implementing the Merchant Promotions, as such a visual statement can give you a competitive advantage when consumers are ready to buy. Also, make sure you take advantage of the competitive insights now available when considering bid prices. These simple updates can have a large impact on your campaign when implemented correctly.
If you are interesting in implementing a Google Shopping campaign for your company and would like our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website.

Net Media Planet gets down and Dirty at Spitalfields Farm

Thursday the 13th of November the Net Media Planet team had their community day at Spitalfields City Farm in Whitechapel, London. The farm was originally setup in 1978 by volunteers and to this day houses a selection of animals including, cows, pigs, donkeys, goats, and bees. There is also an extensive garden, where volunteers help to grow affordable organic food for our community. You almost forget you are in London surrounded by this oasis of plants and animals that is, until a tube passes by or you look up and see the Gherkin in the distance.
For mid-November we couldn’t have asked for a better day. We worked on a multitude of projects to help the farm including, shovelling manure, cleaning up leaves, and laying bark mulch for the bulls.
Here’s what our team had to say:


“It was dirty, cold and back breaking work but it was thoroughly enjoyable.”


“It was great experience for the team to get outside and bond in a different working environment out of the office! Everyone worked well together within their teams and fortunately, no one was afraid to get their hands dirty on the job. It was a perfect chance for practical skills to flourish and for team members who don’t work together directly on a day-to-day basis, to get the opportunity to do so on the different tasks.”


“It was an interesting experience and lots of fun. I also appreciated how I had the chance to talk and work with other people in the company who I hadn’t had the opportunity to speak too much before.”


“I had a good time. It was refreshing to get out of the office and put our minds to something different, and it was great that we were able to actually produce something – Christmas tree stands in our case. By the end of the day, we could really feel that we had contributed to the farm.”

Overall, the team had a great time helping out at the farm and got to experience something new.
If you would like to get involved in helping to support Spitalfields City Farm you can make a donation on their website or hold your own community day.

We’re Moving!


Net Media Planet has been expanding so rapidly that in less than three years we have outgrown our current office in Farringdon. In order to keep up with the demand for space and especially meeting rooms we are moving office to nearby Angel.

Our move will commence on the 24th of November into the newly designed Suncourt House. Our new address will be:

Net Media Planet
Suncourt House, Level 3
18-26 Essex Road
London N1 8LN

Office Design

Guests will be greeted at our brand new reception, as seen illustrated below. We will upgrade from 2 meeting rooms to 4, plus an informal meeting room tucked around the corner of the kitchen.


There will be a spacious kitchen with stunning views of London. The most important feature of our Suncourt House office is that there is plenty of room to grow even further.
We will be sad to leave our Farringdon office as we have had so many great memories here. However, there is an air of excitement within the office as many are thrilled for what this change means for the company. This move is a great step to the future and our continual progress as a company.

How Papa John’s Takes a Slice Out of Advertising


At Performance Marketing Insights’ Sri Sharma, CEO of Net Media Planet, sat down with Papa John’s Senior Director of Marketing, Andrew Gallagher, for a Fireside Chat to delve into some of the challenges facing the marketing industry today. The conversation was a candid look into how Papa John’s is gaining market share against pizza giants such as Dominos and Pizza Hut through a clever marketing strategy.



Gallagher talked about the intricacies of the pizza sector and its competition. For starters, the pizza industry is worth £2 billion a year, and half of that business is done by independent pizza shops. The three main players are Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, with Dominos dominating the sector. What’s interesting about these three companies is that they are all franchises, and for Papa John’s that means that their marketing budget is supplied to them by their franchised stores. That fact paired with the industry being notoriously driven by impulse and discounts has greatly determined how and where Papa John’s spend their marketing budget.


For Papa John’s, whose yearly marketing budget is limited compared to their competition, their overall marketing strategy is what Gallagher calls “smart spending.” With fewer store fronts than both Dominos and Pizza Hut their leaflets act as their shop window encouraging those impulse purchases. To maximise the effect of their leaflets, distribution was targeted to postcodes who were most likely to purchase. Their radio and television ads are aired on specific times of the day and days of the week, while PPC campaigns are run in a similar manner. All of these strategies are used to have the maximum effect on the most relevant audience, in other words “smart spending.”


All of these targeting strategies come back to “knowing your audience.” Gallagher expresses this as one of the most fundamental marketing requirements for increasing market share. He asserts that marketers must first define their audience and then communicate with them in a relevant way through the channels that they use. Gallagher suggests using “less of the spray and pray approach” and more focused relevant targeting.


Papa John’s ran a PPC campaign with Net Media Planet that emphasised the quality of the product, differing from the everyday discount and offers messaging that would normally run. This campaign focused on the product characteristics that would entice users to purchase, with messages of how cheesy and tasty the pizzas are. It was extremely successful because it focused on exciting the impulses of the consumer and what makes them desire pizza.


Sharma says, “For me it’s all about thinking outside the box, being dynamic in how you are doing things, using data to give a personal experience to your customer and building a great product.”



Sharma went on to discuss a great example of using data effectively. With the insights collected from Papa John’s PPC campaign, Papa John’s was able to determine the best locations for new stores. The data revealed locations with high volumes of Papa John’s search queries and when compared to current store locations could determine possible future locations with a higher return on investment.


Gallagher wrapped up his time on the PMI stage by reiterating how important knowing your customer is and that you need to be dynamic in the ever changing advertising environment. In closing, Sharma complimented his statement, adding that marketers need to learn how to use their data effectively to make better decisions in their marketing strategies.


If you would like to see more images from the event visit our flickr page.

A Look Back at Net Media Planet’s Executive Breakfast Seminar

Yesterday, Net Media Planet hosted our bi-annual Digital Breakfast Seminar at the Soho Hotel in London entitled “The Personalised Path to Purchase.” The day began with a riviting presentation from renown digital marketing specialist Matt Bush from Google. Doubleclick’s Rick Jones and Matt Bennathan from eXelate gave thought-provoking sessions ahead of Net Media Planet’s very own, insightful Sri Sharma.


The ensuing client panel, “Leveraging the Omni-Channel Consumer,” consisted of retail industry experts James Dunford from Cotswold Outdoor and Gordon Newman from Life Style Sports, who were joined by Matt Bush and Sri Sharma.


The event focused on how the changing consumer path-to-purchase will demand that brands embrace new personalised advertising strategies and technologies across Paid Search and Performance Display advertising. We explored topics such as, consumer search trends and innovations; new 1st and 3rd party data practices; advanced audience profiling; personalised relevance; cross channel continuity and how to tackle the omni-channel challenge.


From a marketing perspective, we view personalisation as the use of data to deliver a relevant and engaging experience to a consumer across digital channels and engagement points.Through this strategy we can provide a more effective form of advertising. In fact, according to Forrester’s research, campaigns that are personalised have a 19% increase in sales.


“The Personalised Path to Purchase” Speakers


Matt Bush (Google)  –


  • Think Digital – “52% of those who clicked on an online ad in the last 3 months purchased as a result of an ad click.”
  • Think Mobile -“Location based ads led 32% to visit stores/make purchases and 19% to make unplanned visits/purchases.”
  • Think Engagement – “PLA’s to drive 33% of 2014 retail traffic”


Rick Jones (Doubleclick) –

“We don’t want to be in our comfort zone.” If we stay in our comfort zones we are missing the future opportunities on offer. We need to keep pushing the boundaries and trying new things as technology continues to advance exponentially.


Matt Bennathan (eXelate)

“Data is the fuel that runs the engine, which drives the car.” “Combine 1st and 3rd party data for relevant and effective digital advertising.”


Sri Sharma

“Serve the heart, as the rational mind is easy to achieve.” Rational marketing such as price, availability, delivery and support, are easily duplicated by competition. Whereas it is winning the heart that secures long term customer loyalty. That is something that we can achieve by knowing your consumer, reaching them and being personal.


Below, are copies of each of our speaker’s presentations. Follow us on twitter @netmediaplanet to keep up-to-date on future events and seminars, plus we will soon be posting the video of our seminar. Don’t miss out.


Download Matt Bush’s Presentation “Search and Find”



Download Rick Jone’s Presentation “Prepare for the Future”



Download Matt Bennathan’s Presentation “1+3=5”



Download Sri Sharma’s Presentation “Winning Hearts”

Facebookers Feed On New Ad Format

Facebook have recently introduced new ad formats to encourage ‘objective-based’ ad buying and reporting. These objectives are defined as driving traffic; getting more likes; increasing event attendance, and, promoting app installs. Facebook then recommends which ad format you should use based on which objective you would like to achieve.


Newsfeed Ads – How it works


Of particular interest is the introduction of newsfeed ads. Ads can now appear in the newsfeed, blending into the users social updates. These ads can be created at the same time as right hand ads, with the option to opt in or out of either ad format.


Facebook Newsfeed Ad


 Overview of newsfeed ads


1. Use of larger images – 600×315 pixels


The option to use larger images is a big bonus. However, be warned, Facebook will still shrink your side ad image resulting in an image ratio that is not appropriate for the right hand column. To avoid this, duplicate the ad and upload a new image, opting out of either the newsfeed or side ad depending on the image size.


2. Additional description text of 90 characters


It’s important to remember that the newsfeed ad has a different layout. Due to its larger size, the main copy is above the headline and the description text appears below the headline, next to the image. This may impact user interaction if the same copy is being used for both your newsfeed and side ad.


3. Option to connect to a Facebook page, enabling social interaction


The newsfeed ads also benefit from social integration, allowing users to like, comment, share or link through to the associated Facebook page. This is an important tool for brand awareness but do keep an eye on the comments. Many Facebook users are upset by ads now being shown in their newsfeed and may unleash their anger on your ad!


Initial Test


We have recently tested the newsfeed ads alongside the traditional side ads for a retail client. The purpose of the campaign was to drive footfall to a new store opening. Both ads had the same targeting – city radius targeting combined with interest targeting. Both ads linked to a custom landing page, giving the details of the new store. Both ads mentioned an enticing offer if the user visited the store in the ad copy. Both ads used similar images, although the newsfeed ad was of larger dimensions.


Test Results


The results are very interesting. Click through rate was over 6000% greater for the newsfeed ad than the traditional side ad, at a lower cpc of £0.20 compared with £0.33. Added to this, the newsfeed ad benefitted from social engagement. In one week we generated 160 post likes, 18 comments and 5 post shares. Considering the purpose of the campaign was to promote a new store opening, the social interaction is an added bonus at no extra cost.


We believe that over time newsfeed ad cpcs will rocket. Their premium page position and social integration make them a great ad format – our advice would be to jump on the band wagon quickly and take advantage whilst they are so cost effective!