NMPi AU Crowned “Best Digital Agency” at NORA Awards

We are delighted to be able to say that NMPi AU took home the gold last night at the NORA 2018 Excellence Awards, winning “Best Digital Agency” in the evening’s proceedings.

These awards recognise the best of the best in Solution Providers for the retail industry of Australia. Most importantly, these awards are voted on by the retail industry itself. This win demonstrates our experience and expertise across retail, and that this has translated into real results for our clients.

A big thank you to all the retailers and clients who took the time to vote for us, and a huge congratulations to our amazing team. This award recognises the phenomenal work they’ve been doing to drive performance for our clients and partners.

Check out all of the winners from the evening at Noraawards.com.au.

The 4 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know Before Going International

Last week’s Retail (R)Evolution hosted by Pitney Bowes explored how global e-commerce is evolving, and NMPi’s CEO, Luke Judge, was there to share his expertise on cross-border marketing along with Feng Chang from Rue La La and Jodi Goldberg from Google.

The panel session highlighted four key themes, delving into the strategies that every international retailer should know for building successful cross-border marketing campaigns.

Choosing a Territory

If your business is new to international e-commerce then it can be daunting to decide where to begin. Each market is unique, even if they share a language they will have their own nuances, so how do you choose?

We don’t advise going global initially, instead look at your data and see what it is telling you. For instance, brand awareness will have a massive impact on your success within a market. If a consumer is aware of your brand it boosts their propensity to buy.  

Using the likes of Google Trends you can gain insight into which countries have a greater search volume for your brand terms. Make sure to check this yearly, just because the market is always changing.

Brand awareness, whilst a good indication, is not the only area to consider. What language is your existing site in; if its English will that affect the likelihood of an international consumer making a purchase? Look at areas which may have a greater population of expats, or perhaps areas where you have a price advantage.

All of these factors come into play when selecting which markets to enter, but once you have selected a market there is still more to be done.

Choosing your Inventory

One of the first things you have to set up when you’re preparing to break into international markets is your inventory. The products you sell need regional interest and be mindful of seasons. For example, due to the difference in seasons, if you are a retailer in the US or UK countries like Australia or South Africa are great for getting rid of old seasonal stock.

Having a big inventory to choose from is useful, but it isn’t crucial. Don’t discount the power of a small product selection in which everything has a high demand. Also, having exclusive rights to sell a high demand product will greatly increase your chances of success.

How to Price

If you cannot be price competitive within a market, and your products are not exclusive then it is very unlikely you will be able to steal market share and beat out the competition. This should make it one of your top priorities, especially when working with a limited inventory.

Price conversion, whilst it might seem obvious, is something we recommend having in place before expanding into a market. Not only do your products sell better when in the local currency, but helps to avoid confusion and mismatched pricing between your Google Shopping campaigns and your Paid Social campaigns for example.

Don’t forget to factor in the extras such as import taxes and international shipping, as we sometimes see customers abandoning their baskets after seeing additional costs.

Factor in International Shipping

On that note, campaigns tend to perform better and drive a greater ROI when shipping promotions are included. When you’re breaking into a new market, including an offer for free international shipping in your ads will often result in a higher conversion rate, but make sure to be upfront about the thresholds of this promotion. No consumer likes to get to the end of a purchase and realise they don’t qualify for your promotion.

Example: “Free Shipping to the UK when you spend over $50”

You might be tempted to take advantage of one of the many sales holidays across the globe like Singles Day in China, Click Frenzy in Australia, and Black Friday, which has become a truly worldwide phenomenon. However, when it’s not your domestic market you may find that despite having great offers you lose out on sales because of international shipping. Unless you can compete, it’s better to avoid getting lost in the crowd and hold off on your international promotions until after the holidays. We often see better performance when clients offer free international shipping outside holiday sales periods as it removes the need to devalue inventory and reduces competition.

If shipping promotions are not right for your business, ensure that you find the right balance of product cost and shipping cost. Too high a shipping cost, and much of your ad spend gone into bringing them to the site will be wasted. Too high a product cost, and you’ll struggle to get potential customers onto the site. It’s important to keep your basket abandonment rates in mind to help you strike the perfect balance.

Cross-Channel Approach

Each marketing channel has their own strength and weaknesses. For instance, visual channels such as Google Shopping, Display and Social Media grab the attention of the consumer and help to increase awareness of your highlighted products. Paid Search, on the other hand, is great for getting the consumer to convert.

Just as different channels have different outcomes, marketers have a range of goals they need to achieve. It would be unwise to place all your eggs in one basket and expect for an adequate ROI.

Create a holistic approach to your international marketing strategies and make sure all of your channels are communicating with each other. If you track Search conversions on AdWords, Display conversions on Criteo and Facebook conversions through the Facebook pixel, you might be triple-counting your sales and wasting all-important budgets. Complete oversight is one of the biggest ways to ensure success when breaking out internationally.

The Future

In a global world where the distance between countries is getting smaller and smaller, and our connection to each other becomes greater all the time,  it’s necessary to keep an eye on the latest innovations in the industry, especially those that will be maturing in the 2-3 years. We expect 3 big changes:

  • 1-click payments will become the norm on Social Media platforms
  • There will widespread uptake of 2hr delivery vis-a-vis Amazon Prime Now
  • China’s advanced image recognition technology will expand into western countries like the UK and US.

NMPi says “G’Day” from Sydney


NMPi is thrilled to announce the official launch of our third international office in Sydney, Australia. This expansion comes hot on the heels of our recent openings in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“We have big plans for growth this year,” stated Luke Judge, NMPi’s Managing Director. “We see the opening of the Australian office as the next key step in our global expansion.”

“The digital industry in Australia is adapting and moving forward at an astonishing rate,” commented Damien Bennett, Director of Business Strategy. “Extending NMPi into Australia will enable us to provide even greater localised activity for our clients.”

We’re also pleased to be partnering with global digital agency, Clicks2Customers, who will be rebranding their digital advertising solutions under the NMPi banner. Our Australian team will be led by former Googler, and current Managing Director of Australia, Sam Shennan. Sam has over 10 years digital experience and has partnered with some of the region’s leading brands including Westfield, Woolworths, and TopShop.

Shennan is looking forward to this collaboration, saying, “This development is great news for our clients. The combination of NMPi’s digital media expertise and granular approach and our 14 years as an award-winning global digital agency offers our clients robust solutions that cover all their digital needs.”

In little less than two months after opening our NMPi Switzerland office, we now have NMPi Australia. Our expansion plans haven’t stopped here, we expect to continue our global diversification!

NMPi Continues to Grow in Benelux: Appointing New Managing Director, Gerard Moussault

We are extremely pleased to announce that Gerard Moussault will be joining the NMPi team as Managing Director Benelux. In his new role, he will grow NMPi’s digital agency brand in the Benelux market. Gerard takes over the role from Pieter Slingerland who will now focus on DQ&A.

Gerard Moussault will be bringing with him over 15 years experience in the online world. Previously he was responsible for Online Media, and Strategy and Development at Sanoma, VNU Media, and eBay. In 2012, Moussault joined IPG Media Brands in the position of Managing Director Cadreon, a branch responsible for programmatic solutions, where he grew the brand quickly.

“After five years of working with a lot of fun people at IPG Media Brands, I am very excited for this new step. There was a direct match in expectation and ambition. This function gives me a great opportunity to grow and distinguish NMPI.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Gerard to the NMPi team,” commented Luke Judge, Managing Director of NMPi. “It’s exciting to see just how far we have come in only four months since launching NMPi in Benelux. Gerard’s leadership will be an asset to NMPi and we look forward to building the future of NMPi Benelux with his guidance.”

New Year, New Client, New Office: NMPi Launches Second International Office in Switzerland

We’re excited to announce the addition of our newest office in Zurich, Switzerland. We’ve opened two offices in only four months; launching in October 2016 in the Netherlands. We’ve set our sights on continued global expansion, and this year we’ll keep that pace going with plans in the works to grow the business in Asia, the US, and Australia.

Along with the launch, NMPi has announced a new client win: Swiss-based premium denim brand, 7 For All Mankind.

“We made a promise that 2017 would be a big year for NMPi, and we’ve made a strong start,” stated NMPi’s Managing Director, Luke Judge. “Switzerland is the next step for us as we continue to grow our business internationally, and we’re excited to be taking this step with a fantastic new client.”

The expansion into Switzerland also takes advantage of our international partnership with DQ&A, technology consultant and DoubleClick reseller.

“Continued international growth is incredibly exciting for our clients,” remarked NMPi’s Director of Business Strategy, Damien Bennett. “It allows them to work with us consistently across different markets, giving them access to a wider knowledge base, and local market expertise, ensuring that we can deliver on their wider international objectives.”

The launch of NMPi Switzerland boasts an experienced team of account managers, strategists, and analysts, who work with international and local clients including, HP, Swisscard, Avia, and Österreich Werbung. Their services will include NMPi’s full suite of digital solutions; Analytics, Paid Search, Paid Social, and Programmatic Display.

“Being part of the NMPi brand is extremely exciting for us,” stated Leonardo Kopp, Managing Director, Switzerland. “It is a perfect match for us; by combining our strengths and using NMPi’s proven processes, we can increase our local proposition and continue to drive better results for our clients.”

Herzlich Willkommen!

Google Tests Black Friday PPC Ad in the U.S.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone in such a whirlwind many of us are still recouping from the shopping fury. But did any of you notice Google’s been testing a special Black Friday AdWords ad format in the US?
The ad below is an example of this new Black Friday Paid Search ad. The ad allows you to add specific Black Friday and Cyber Monday attributes to your ad text. These attributes are displayed as an extra line on the ads.

Google Black Friday PPC Addition


*Text in image has been made bold to emphasise change to ad.

The theory is that by calling attention to specific Black Friday or Cyber Monday special offers the CTR will increase. With a greater CTR we would hope to see an increase in the conversion rate as well.
Right now we have more questions than answers about this new product. Only time will tell how affective this extra line of text was.

Net Media Planet speak alongside Yandex and Baidu in New York

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at the upcoming Third Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Congress on 3rd March 2014 in New York. In hosting the panel discussion, we will be joined by Yandex, and Baidu’s exclusive European partner, CharmClick.


The event has been designed to coincide with the launch of hundreds of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) which look set to revolutionise the way that brands market themselves online.


The emergence of the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) will give brands the opportunity to transition from .com to .BRAND or to generic TLDs such as .London, .Club, .Tickets, .Vegas, .Finance, .Hotel.


Our panel will discuss what the new TLDs will mean for the future of Search, and explore how brands can use this opportunity to target new markets, new customers and new revenue streams to lead the way in a new digital era.


new gtlds image


In the session, delegates will hear how the leading global search engines will respond to the new TLDs and learn how they intend to manage and index the new TLDs alongside existing domains.
The panel will also discuss how brands can use the new TLDs to redefine their online presence and better reflect their business objectives, markets and products through their domain URLs.


This major industry event will bring together global brands to learn and share how best to exploit the new approaches for brand engagement and online marketing strategies that will best position their brands for future online growth.


For more information on the event please visit: http://momentumevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/133W14_gTLD_011414_v11.pdf


Please click here to reserve your space and be a part of the next big thing for brands.

Yandex Launch CPA Model for Yandex.Market

Last week Yandex announced the launch of a CPA model for their Yandex Market shopping comparison product. From next month customers will be able to purchase directly from Yandex Market, going straight to the checkout without leaving the webpage.


This massively simplifies the checkout process and should lead to a higher conversion rate for online stores. Using the CPA model, stores will pay Yandex a percentage of the value of each order, regardless of the product category.


Yandex say “We are now offering a benefit to stores and shoppers alike – online stores will pay only for tangible results, while shoppers will find it easier to find and buy what they need.”


Sarah, a Yandex Certified analyst at Net Media Planet thinks “the CPA model, offered alongside the normal CPC model, should lower the risk of entering Russia for UK companies.



Join the UK businesses seeing success in Russia with the adoption of Yandex advertising. For further information on the new CPA model or about any other advertising options with Yandex, please get in touch with Luke who will be happy to help.

[email protected] +44 (0) 20 7186 2109


Read the official release statement on the Yandex blog:



Members of Net Media Planet are Yandex Certified.




Top 5 ways to reach new horizons for the Travel sector with PPC

The travel sector is one of the most prolific spenders in Paid Search marketing. Indeed, travel companies spent more on pay-per-click advertising than any other industry except for finance in 2012*. As the market becomes more and more saturated, brands are under increasing pressure to drive efficiency and performance from this channel.


Here are some of our key insights specifically on how brands can use Paid Search to drive online performance.


1. Be smart with your Keyword Coverage

Selecting keywords should be an important part of your strategy, and it is important to consider keywords that will ensure you have coverage across all stages of the buying cycle. High visibility throughout the buying cycle will reinforce your brand so that you will stay in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. We would recommend that you develop a strategy that is aligned to the consumer buying cycle as follows;

  • During the awareness stage: use keywords that are location specific – example ‘holidays in Spain’
  • During the research stage: use promotional keywords with the location as secondary – example ‘cheap holidays in Tenerife’
  • At the intent to purchase stage: use keywords that are destination specific – example ‘all inclusive deals to x resort’
  • At the purchasing stage: Promote the brand name as the primary keyword


Top tip: Keywords in the awareness and research phases may appear to have low conversion volumes, but may be fundamental in the path to conversion so it is essential to track and monitor the click path. By reviewing the click path you will be able to quantify the effect of bidding on these keywords to see if they are truly having an effect on account performance.


2. Develop a bidding strategy that maximises your ROI

Understandably, not all brands want to target expensive generic keywords such as ‘holidays’ or ‘cheap holidays’, and in some cases it may not always be profitable to appear in the top position. We would recommend that you conduct positional tests on keywords and monitor performance to determine what positions perform the best for your keywords.


Top tip: It is important to consider your margins when developing your bidding strategy. For products with low margins, ROI can often be improved by appearing in lower positions with carefully selected keywords such as long tail or brand specific.


3. Make your Ad copy stand out

Why would a consumer choose you over your competitors? Why should a customer click on your ad and visit your site? What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t? With so many ads competing in the search results, you need to ensure that your ad stands out over and above the competition. To help do this, we would recommend that you;

  • Use price points in your ad copy and update these regularly to show you are competitive
  • Incorporate USPs into the messaging e.g. low deposits, price match guarantee, number of different packages on the website
  • Utilise ‘ATOL Protected’ to show users they can safely book with you
  • Implement sitelinks to make your ad stand out, take up more of the results space and increase your ad messaging. Incorporate USPs into sitelinks so that the ad text can push price points


Top tip: Make a conscious effort to ask users to review their experience with your company to ensure you meet the threshold for reseller stars to appear. This will give the user extra confidence that you are a trusted website and increase your CTR.


4. Ensure your landing pages are designed to enhance the user experience as this will drive more conversions

The travel industry typically has a long research phase, so ensuring that your landing pages are helpful and memorable to the user will keep your company in the forefront of their mind during the path to conversion. We would recommend that you include destination specific pages that not only detail the great offers available, but can also provide descriptive information or images on the destination and sub-destinations.


Top tip: Include additional information on the landing page such as local weather forecasts, insights into the local culture, available activities and insider tips. This will show the consumer that you are an expert in the sector. This in turn will help to increase the length of time consumers are spending on your site and the likelihood of returning.


5. Ensure you target the right people at the right time

All sectors are influenced by seasonality factors, and none more so that the travel industry. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you are promoting the right messages to the right audience at the right time. There are a number of strategies you can adopt to help ensure that you are messages are promoted in the most effective way, these include;

  • Incremental bidding – to enable you to increase your bids and give your ads extra visibility when the conversion rate is higher. This could be based on geo-location or time of day
  • Day parting – to enable you to pause activity when there are minimal conversions and shift this spend into more profitable times of the day
  • Demographic Search (currently a Google beta) – to enable you to target by age or sex with specific messaging or promotions


Top tip: Consider Remarketing, as this approach is very effective for this sector, for example if your company also sells travel insurance or car hire, you can remarket users who have bought a particular holiday, hotel or flight with this type of complementary product.


To sum up

In this competitive market, things are changing quickly and brands are struggling to keep up. Driving the highest performance from your PPC activity will enable you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We hope that the tips in this article will go some way to helping you run an effective and efficient campaign.


Good luck, and please do contact us if you have any questions!


* http://www.tnooz.com/2012/11/01/news/google-adwords-gets-stronger-but-travel-keywords-struggle-with-conversion/

Net Media Planet “Going Global” event attracts international audience to discuss the growth of internationalisation


Last week, Net Media Planet held a breakfast seminar, as part of its popular Net Media Planet Invites…. series. The event brought together over 70 Marketing and Industry professionals to learn how brands can successfully internationalise their businesses in order to capitalise on growing consumer demand from across the globe.


It was a truly international occasion, which welcomed delegates from Italy, Poland, Germany, France and China, to learn, share and debate the growing importance of internationlisation for businesses.


Delegates heard from Google, who shared brand new research on the scale of the international opportunity for UK businesses. This was together with some of the latest tools and technology available to help brands internationalise their online marketing activities. To view the presentation please click on this link; http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/22049859.


Sri Sharma, our MD, explored how brands can build international brand awareness and maximise online marketing investment through Paid Search and Display marketing. The slides from Sri’s presentation are below;



Sri Sharma also introduced the new business opportunities available to UK businesses in China, and discussed how UK brands can benefit from getting online in China with Baidu, arguably the world’s next e-commerce superpower. The slides from Sri’s presentation on Baidu are below;



Finally, we heard how these techniques have been successfully put into practice with the Microsoft Store expansion story, which gave a snapshot of how one brand has successfully entered into over 40 different markets. To read more about the Microsoft Store story please click on this link; http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/22049869.


Our thanks go to our speakers, Martijn Bertisen from Google, Jens Reisswig from Microsoft Store/Arvato and Sri Sharma, for the thoroughly interesting and insightful presentations.


We hope that you find these slides informative. If you have any questions about the event, or about starting or expanding upon your own international operations then please don’t hesitate to call Digby to discuss further on 020 7186 2111 or email him at [email protected].