A Day in the Life: Shalaka Darshane

We let one of our Partnerships Executives – Shalaka Darshane – loose with our Instagram account and asked her to give us a look a what a Day in the Life looks like for her. She was more than happy to oblige.  

9.00 The life of a salesperson involves lots of plate spinning: handling enquiries, planning pitches and taking calls, as well as plenty of out of office time meeting clients and networking. It can mean the days get quite busy! Today, I was heading over to a Webgains event in the afternoon (more on that later), so I needed to fit in as much as I could with only half a day in the office. Since NMPi works with clients across the world, my inbox mysteriously doubles in size overnight, but taking care of emails was made much easier by our charity bake sale for MSF (Doctors Without Borders). I started my day in the right way with a cup of tea accompanied by a brownie, and a cookie, and a slice of cake…

10.00 You can fit the day-to-day work of a salesperson into three boxes: prospecting, pitching and on-boarding. This morning, I was focused on the latter.   On-boarding is all about getting fully prepared for a new launch, so I had an internal handover meeting with the Display team to brief them on our new client and make sure everyone is confident in a successful launch.

12.00 A little break to respond to more emails then followed by a weekly catch up with my line manager. Everyone has a lot of support within their teams, and since the Sales team works on some pretty lengthy processes, it’s really important that we know where we are with all of our prospects and clients.

13.00 Lunchtime! Carrying on our fundraising efforts from MSF, we had a pub quiz over lunch. Since it was such a busy day, I was whisked away off-site before I could show off my trivia knowledge.

Time for our fundraising quiz! #dayinthelife

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13.30 Half the day over already. My colleague and I left the office for an afternoon of speed-networking with Webgains, an affiliate network we work with closely. Part of our role is to build relationships with key contacts so there were lots of friendly, familiar faces when we arrived. The event was hosted at The Fable restaurant in Farringdon and we received a goodie bag on entry – perks of the sales life.

The event starts with an ice-breaker quiz and, determined after missing our lunchtime quiz, I managed to win! First prize? A Lindt Easter egg. It tasted of success.

If you’ve ever been to a speed-networking event before, you’ll know that efficiency is key. It’s an effective and productive way of prospecting for new leads and business opportunities. We had 7 minutes with each client: we asked about their brand, ran through our services and got a sense of whether there is an opportunity to partner. With a short break for canapes in between, we’d perfected our pitch by the end of the day, but we were also tired from all the talking! It’s time for a few networking drinks then home time.

If this sounds like a dream day for you, we’re hiring for a Senior Business Development Manager! Apply here.

A Day in the Life: Andy Warby

Two weeks ago, we let one of our Account Managers – Andy Warby – loose with our Instagram account and asked him to give us a look a what a Day in the Life looks like for him. He was more than happy to oblige.  

9:00 Off the train at Waterloo for a quick cycle over to Google’s Central St Giles offices for a roundtable on Local Inventory Ads. These are hugely important for our omnichannel retailers, helping digital to influence in-store sales. Roundtables are an opportunity for representatives from agencies, like me, to meet with the product managers and specialists at Google. It allows us to feed back our experiences using Google’s products – both positive and negative – and also hear about what’s coming up in the pipeline. It’s all top secret stuff under NDA, so I can’t say any more! There’s so much to talk about that the meeting overruns and we end up in Google’s (very fancy) canteen talking through some recent changes that we want to learn more about.

11:15 Back at the office to catch up on yesterday’s performance and the morning’s emails. The team have already done their checks and optimisation, and I’ve had the final draft of a case study we’re working on with DoubleClick come through. All we need is approval from the client for it to be published so I fire off a quick note to our main contact. I check in on a few tests that we’ve got running and things are running sweetly.

12:00 Two back-to-back meetings with the team running through presentations for upcoming client meetings, one this afternoon and one tomorrow. Good preparation means meetings are easy – making sure everyone is confident in what they’re presenting and pre-empting any questions that we’d expect to be asked.

13:00 Every quarter, people from across the business get together for a blog writing lunch. This means we talk through recent and upcoming client tests, strategies and success stories to determine some of the content we’ll push out into the wider world through blogs and case studies. We also get pizza, which greatly assists the creative process.

14:00 After lunch we’ve got a training session with one of our external technology providers, in this instance a company who help our clients protect the usage of their trademarked terms in ad copy. Paid Search is always getting more and more competitive and using third-party verification helps our clients to make sure that they’re not being misrepresented – there are a lot of cheeky agencies out there that’ll employ some underhand tricks to try and get an advantage. With a market monitoring tool, we can quickly identify any rogue behaviour and flag it to Google.

15:00 I’ve got a fashion client in this afternoon for their monthly review meeting. As it’s the end of their financial year we’re also looking back at 2017 as a whole – not to brag but we increased their revenue by 41% vs 2016 so this all goes down quite well. With January taken up by clearance sales, we’ve adopted a slightly different strategy to try and increase basket value from customers. The initial results are promising so we’ll re-test the approach in their next sale.

17:00 We wrap up the meeting with a quick pint or two at the New Rose Inn – where’s the fun in success if you can’t celebrate it! Spending time with clients outside of the boardroom is an undervalued aspect of the agency/client relationship in my opinion – it’s good to take things to an informal setting and connect as people. Sadly it’s our last day working with one of the client’s team so we toast her future success and say our farewells.

NMPi’s Fred Maude Shortlisted for Rising Star

We’re back in the throes of awards season once again, and we’re delighted to announce that NMPi’s very own Fred Maude has been shortlisted for the Industry Rising Star Award in the Performance Marketing Awards! The Rising Star is awarded to an individual under 35, who joined a performance marketing-driven company within the last six years, and looks set to take the industry by storm.

Fred has been with NMPi since June 2016, and is one of our Performance Managers. He’s played a huge part in developing our Google Shopping proposition: developing multiple scripts which have revolutionised how we manage campaigns. His scripts have allowed us to offer Google Shopping on a risk-free CPA. 

He also goes above and beyond for clients, creating and managing product feeds for brands completely free of charge to allow them to run Google Shopping when otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to. The cherry on the cake? He’s demonstrated fantastic account management, great leadership, and is a highly respected member of the NMPi team.

“I’ve known Fred for some time now, but he never ceases to surprise me with what he can do. His technical skills and experience have been known for sometime, but his ability to couple that with his excellent client relationships and the leadership of his team is what really impresses me about him. He not only fully deserves this nomination, but deserves to take home the big prize as well.” – Max Flajsner, Head of Performance.

We’ve always known how talented Fred is, and we’d love to see him win the Rising Star. The good news is, the award is open to a public vote. To vote for Fred, visit: Rising Star Award


NMPi Completes International Expansion with New York & Los Angeles Offices

Today, we are really excited to announce the addition of two new offices to NMPi. Over the past year, we have launched our brand in 8 new markets, including, Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, and now New York and Los Angeles in the US!

Our CEO, Luke Judge, took a minute to comment on our rapid international expansion, “Many of our clients are looking globally, especially to the US, to combat the risks associated with faltering exchange rates and the dip in consumer confidence caused by Brexit. By further expanding our global reach to New York and LA we are better placed to service their needs and help them grow their international business.”

With the growth of our global network, we are proud to now boast 24-hour global support for their clients.

“NMPi offices now cover every timezone around the world, giving our clients access to staff 24-hours a day. It’s really exciting for us to be able to offer this level of service. Their customers aren’t just shopping 9 to 5 on weekdays, so we want to have them covered no matter what,” says Judge.

The launch of our US offices follows a significant client win. In September this year, we began delivering Paid Search, Display, Paid Social and Analytics services for US retail group, Fullbeauty Brands, and seven of their subsidiary companies. Fullbeauty Brands has specialised in plus-size clothing for women and men in the US for over 100 years and includes the popular brands Jessica London, ellos, Woman Within, and King Size.

Vice President, Digital Marketing at Fullbeauty Brands, Bobby Missry, is pleased with the partnership so far. “The transition of our paid media channels for 7 brands has been flawless. They truly feel like an extension of the team rather than an agency.”

We currently work with 27 brands in the US including, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Autodesk. “The US has always been an exciting region for us,” explains Alex Moody, Partnerships Director, North America. “The NMPi team and I are looking forward to catching up with all our US clients and partners over the coming months and exploring the opportunities that a permanent base provides including, broadening our strong relationship with Google which has been a major factor in our global success.”

In July this year, we announced a strategic partnership with global technology company, Pitney Bowes. We are helping them strengthen their industry-leading global e-commerce offering with enhanced consumer marketing solutions, including international paid-search campaigns, display advertising, social media advertising and fully optimised Google shopping experiences.

“As a key market for NMPi, the US was the natural next step to continue our international expansion,” states Judge.“Relationships like Fullbeauty Brands and Pitney Bowes are just the beginning, and we are excited to move forward in 2018.”


#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Craig Trower

Current Occupation?
Senior Business Development Executive.

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
I’m fascinated by the potential size of the audience, and the ability to measure your work in real time. It is also a growing sector, the world becomes more digital everyday.

Favourite aspect of your job?
As it is the beginning of a new career for me, being a sponge and learning a new industry.

Why did you choose NMPi?
It’s an ambitious company with lots of scope for the future

What projects are you working on now?
Gaining springs to my digital bow, learning, and passing it onto prospects

NMPi says “G’Day” from Sydney


NMPi is thrilled to announce the official launch of our third international office in Sydney, Australia. This expansion comes hot on the heels of our recent openings in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“We have big plans for growth this year,” stated Luke Judge, NMPi’s Managing Director. “We see the opening of the Australian office as the next key step in our global expansion.”

“The digital industry in Australia is adapting and moving forward at an astonishing rate,” commented Damien Bennett, Director of Business Strategy. “Extending NMPi into Australia will enable us to provide even greater localised activity for our clients.”

We’re also pleased to be partnering with global digital agency, Clicks2Customers, who will be rebranding their digital advertising solutions under the NMPi banner. Our Australian team will be led by former Googler, and current Managing Director of Australia, Sam Shennan. Sam has over 10 years digital experience and has partnered with some of the region’s leading brands including Westfield, Woolworths, and TopShop.

Shennan is looking forward to this collaboration, saying, “This development is great news for our clients. The combination of NMPi’s digital media expertise and granular approach and our 14 years as an award-winning global digital agency offers our clients robust solutions that cover all their digital needs.”

In little less than two months after opening our NMPi Switzerland office, we now have NMPi Australia. Our expansion plans haven’t stopped here, we expect to continue our global diversification!

#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Ben Parameswaran

Current Occupation?
Programmatic Account Executive

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
It is always evolving! Constant growth in this field keeps you on your toes and brings new ways to achieve success with a client. It can push you out of your comfort zones at times, but ultimately that is a good thing.

Favourite aspect of your job?
The obvious answer is the variety of clients that I have handled in the few weeks I have been here.
It’s a hands-on sort of job that gives you room to try out ideas for various campaigns.
Coming from a completely different background, it has been a great challenge.

Why did you choose NMPi?
The people I met during my interview process and my team. Everyone was busy, but not uptight; you aren’t micro-managed. Progress is completely determined by your effort, I love that!

What projects are you working on now?
Between training sessions I’ve been helping build campaigns, create reports, and attend meetings with a number of different clients.

5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Craig Brown

Current Occupation?
Account Director

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
The sheer amount of data that is available and the speed at which learnings can be made! This means that digital marketing is starting to shape full marketing strategies rather than being a bolt on.

Favourite aspect of your job?
The variety. No day is ever the same, which keeps it fresh. It can be difficult at times because there’s always something that I’m never quite sure how to do, but that’s part of the fun.

Why did you choose NMPi?
I didn’t know what PPC was before I started here! But I chose NMPi based on the feel of the office while I was here interviewing. I chose the company rather than the job!

What projects are you working on now?
Working with Hellocar as a start-up, who want to disrupt the car buying sector by creating an eCommerce site where people can buy the car online without seeing it. Helping them define their brand, target market,08 and place within the industry is really exciting.

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Alex Haynes

Current Occupation?
Partnerships Manager

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
The constant innovations in adtech that are occuring as a direct result of changing consumer behaviours, particularly around targeting capabilities.

Favourite aspect of your job?
The variety of projects that I have the chance to work on, along with the knowledge that I’m having a direct impact on the performance of my business.

Why did you choose NMPi?
NMPi gave me the chance to make a difference, and to challenge myself in an environment where you’re given responsibilities from very early on.

What projects are you working on now?
Expansion into the US, with the ultimate goal of opening up a US office.
European partner engagement, to ensure our growth continues across Europe too.
Lastly, integration of our new products/services into our existing proposition to ensure our capabilities as an agency are fully communicated.

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#5MinuteDigital: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions, All Digital with Alice Malthouse

Current Occupation?
Senior Programmatic Account Executive

Favourite thing about digital marketing?
It’s great how fast-paced the industry is, things change really quickly!

Favourite aspect of your job?
I love finding out about all the new and exciting technology that has come to market that we can use in our campaigns.I also love telling my clients all about the new and exciting features they can use in their campaigns.

Why did you choose NMPi?
Everyone was really friendly and they were passionate about the industry.

What projects are you working on now?
I’m getting up to speed with a range of social platforms and then I’m off to a DoubleClick event to represent the company in Dublin!

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To find out more about joining the NMPi team, check out our careers page!