NMPi Wins ‘Most Innovative Strategy’ at IAB Programmatic Awards

We are thrilled to announce that NMPi has won in the “Innovative Strategy” category at the first IAB Programmatic Awards in The Netherlands. Advertising industry specialists looked forward seeing this year’s groundbreaking entries, and we were excited to be counted among the prestigious nominees for our case study: Real-Time visibility of Snow Heights for Transavia.

The IAB Programmatic Awards are important because they are voted on by industry experts in recognition of agencies that deliver outstanding results.

NMPi Netherland’s Managing Director, Gerard Moussault, commented: “This is a real testament to the excellent work done by the NMPi team. Over the next year, we are going to continue to grow and push the limits of digital innovation.”

Transavia’s Direct Sales Manager, Nick Brandts commented, “Our campaign team is always looking to reach our audience in a better, more relevant way. Together with NMPi, we investigated the (technical) possibilities of creating an innovative campaign. In our partnership we have a shared goal: to challenge each other to create new innovative elements for every campaign. It is wonderful to see this effort pay off with positive campaign results. The Programmatic Award for ‘Most Innovative Strategy’ for our Wintersport Campaign is recognition we are very proud of!”

NMPi Netherland’s Head of Consultancy, Quintijn van Kessel added: “The IAB Award recognizes our work over the last couple of months in close cooperation with our client, Transavia. It’s great to see this acknowledged with this Innovative Strategy win”.

This award comes on the heels of NMPi’s RAR+ (Recommended Agency Register) win for ‘Best Search’.

The second half of 2017 is set to be even more exciting, with this award acting as a springboard to further success!

NMPi Wins Best Search Award at RAR+ Digital Awards

NMPi is delighted to have won in the “Best Search” category at last night’s RAR+ Digital Awards.  The RAR+ award is especially important because it recognises agencies who deliver outstanding results as voted for by clients on a measure of overall satisfaction, rather than being judged for a single campaign case study.

NMPi’s CEO, Luke Judge, commented, “I am immensely proud of our brilliant team at NMPi; their hard work and passion for doing outstanding work with our clients has been deservedly recognised by this important award win. I am also grateful to our clients for their kind survey feedback in supporting us”.

Director of Biddable, Sophie Harkness added, “We have always prided ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, so it’s great to see this acknowledged with this Best Search win”.

Head of Performance Marketing, Max Flajsner commented, “I believe our client happiness, and therefore this recognition, is a direct consequence of the high levels of innovation that we have brought to our client’s campaigns over the past twelve months”.

This award win follows closely after NMPi was ranked in top place in the Drum’s UK Elite Media Agency rankings. This kicked off an expansive year for the company, which has so far seen the launch of three new NMPi offices in Zurich, Sydney and Cape Town.

The second half of 2017 looks set to be even more exciting, with this award acting as a springboard to further success.

NMPi #1 Elite Media Agency!

We are thrilled to announce that NMPi has topped the Elite Media Agencies poll in this years Drum Digital Census.

The census evaluates agencies based on their achievements across financial performance and client satisfaction. We are honoured to be recognised not only for our growth over the past year, but more importantly by our clients who have supported us and believe in the work we deliver.

This couldn’t have been achieved without our clients as well as our talented staff, so thank you to everyone who has been a part of this great success.

Pouring the champaign and #celebrating.

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Managing Director, Luke Judge, expressed his excitement at the news, “This is a real testament to the excellent work done by the NMPi team. Over the next year we are going to continue to grow and push the limits in digital innovation. We will be better than ever, and will continue to maximise performance for our clients.”

My Life at Net Media Planet

I came from Germany to London to do my Internship at Net Media Planet (NMP) as part of my apprenticeship in correspondence and languages. My goal for the 6 weeks I was spending in London was to learn as much as possible, though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As I entered the bright and friendly NMP office I was greeted by Digby, my supervisor during my time here, who introduced me to every person of the company as new member of the sales team. I was pleasantly surprised. From that first moment on everybody treated me like a new colleague; nobody ever called me an Intern. I feel like that really gave me the chance to see the company from a different side and connect better with my fellow colleagues.

Week 1:

In the first week I had a lot of training where people of all different departments took the time to show and teach me parts of what they were doing. I got an Introduction to PPC, Display and AdWords and was taught how to use NMP’s internal programs for analysing and interpreting data. Even though my head was spinning after this week, the training was extremely beneficial as it gave me a good overview of the different steps of Digital Marketing.

Week 2:

As soon as the second week started, I became more and more involved in the tasks of the sales team and internal meetings. I started to work on prospect and website analysis. We also started preparing for the World Travel Market with the Marketing Team. I experienced the work behind event preparation and was allowed to attend the event myself. This was a great experience as I saw and applied networking skills for one of the largest Travel conferences worldwide.

Week 3:

In the third week I had the chance to prepare exploratory meeting analysis, which included creating reports and pulling chart data for a range of prospective meetings. I also began the evaluation of current sector reports to find the best prospects for the sales team to contact. Through analysing our sector report data, I could discover the weaknesses in their Digital Marketing Strategies. This helped me in developing an eye for what’s important in a good Marketing Strategy. Also, the whole company went to a “Community Farm Day” on Thursday. It was a great day and I had the chance to work in a team with people I hadn’t worked with before.

Week 4:

Fourth week already and somehow I have the feeling time is running faster at NMP. That week I attended very inspiring presentations, including “The Highs and Lows – 5 Principles of Success” with Derek Redmond at the Digital Marketing Show. Also, I had the chance to write a few blog articles for NMP’s website. This was great as I had the chance to research and learn more about different topics in the world of Marketing and Business. For example, the new Twitter “Buy” Button, Facebook’s business site and dynamic text ads. I was also invited to join the new employees of Net Media Planet to visit the Google Offices, as Google is one of their partners. That was truly amazing! I would have never thought that I would have the chance to see one of the largest companies globally within my time here. This was also the week we moved from Farringdon to Angel to a brand new office, which was very inspiring. To see this amazing company grow truly makes me happy.

Week 5:

The fifth week was a week of growth. They now have a bigger office and I have the feeling the company has grown to a new level with this office move. I’m already excited to see what they are going to achieve in the future. I worked on the creation of new sector reports which contain more relevant search terms to ensure that we get the most relevant data for potential clients. For me, again, a great week.

What more to say?

From day one I was astonished by the atmosphere in the company. I read on the company website that their philosophy is “to treat people fairly, support individual growth and to enjoy working”, but truly I haven’t seen any place in my life that implemented this philosophy as well as NMP. They really take care of their people. I can’t thank everybody enough for supporting me in my biggest task of all, to learn as much as possible, especially Digby, Lisa and my team. I’d like to thank them for making my time here so amazing. It did not just help me with PPC marketing and English skills but also with my whole career and personally I learned a lot! I’m truly thankful for the opportunity and can say it was the right decision to come to NMP for my internship.
As my time here is now coming to an end, I look back on a beneficial and worthwhile internship that is going to help my future career more than I could have ever expected.
Thank you NMP!

Watch the Presentations from our Digital Breakfast Seminar

The Personalised Path to Purchase


Net Media Planet’s Sept. 2014 Digital Breakfast Seminar was a huge success, featuring presentations from digital marketing specialists from Google, Doubleclick, Cotswold Outdoor, Life Style Sports and eXelate. We are now able to share with you our four speaker presentations from the event. The topics discussed range from consumer search trends and innovations to new 1st and 3rd party data practices all centred around the theme of personalised advertising strategies across Paid Search and Performance Display.



Matt Bush (Google) – Search and Find

Google’s Head of UK Performance, Matt Bush, discussed 2014 consumer search trends and Christmas marketing strategy.

download slides


Rick Jone’s (Doubleclick) – Prepare for the Future

Doubleclick’s Rick Jones presented on how to use audience data from across platform to enhance programmatic bidding and digital marketing strategies with a single customer view.

download slides


Matt Bennathan (eXelate) – 1+3=5

Matt Bennathan, Managing Director of eXcelate, spoke on the combination of first and third party data to create relevant and effective digital marketing strategies.

download slides


Sri Sharma (Net Media Planet) – Winning Hearts

Net Media Planet’s very own Sri Sharma discussed the importance of winning the heart of the consumer.

download slides


If you missed our last event and would like to join one of our future bi-annual seminars sign up for our newsletter or reach out to us through our contact page.

A Day in the Life of a PPC Specialist


My name is James and I work as a PPC Analyst at Net Media Planet, the Paid Search and Display Advertising specialists.


I recently finished a Master’s degree in Physics, and a role in PPC advertising appealed to me due to its analytical nature. The job is far more diverse than I had imagined, so I thought I would share with you a typical day in the life of a PPC specialist!


Firstly, what is Paid Search marketing (or Pay-Per-Click / PPC)? Paid Search is a model of internet advertising in which advertisers pay a specific amount each time one of their ads is clicked. Advertisers bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links for keywords related to their business offering, paying the search engine a small fee for each click received on their ad.


So What Does a Day in the Life of a PPC Marketing Specialist Entail?


Email / Newsletters / Blogs

I start every day by checking my email; responding to client emails and dealing with any queries related to my campaigns. I also get sent a lot of industry e-newsletters and blogs which help me to stay up-to-date with the latest movements in the industry. I tend to scan the articles, and then choose a few important topics to read more on – either because they will support existing and future campaigns, or because they could provide valuable content for a future blog post.


Setting up and managing PPC Campaigns

PPC marketing revolves around keywords; keyword research, grouping, and organisation is key to creating great campaigns. So the set up and implementation of a PPC campaign comprises a large part of my work day.


My work involves researching, building and testing keywords, writing and testing ad copy, developing creative display ads, implementing effective landing pages and setting up appropriate campaign targets to ensure that the right messages get to the right people at the right time. The best PPC advertising involves selecting keywords based on analysis of keyword traffic data and goal conversions, instead of third-party estimates.


Monitoring performance

With every PPC client, we have a set of goals agreed. I set aside time each day to check and analyse each live campaign. I spend time a lot of time monitoring and analysing the performance of a client’s campaign on Google Analytics. I will do this to check if there is increased or decreased activity and try to determine the cause, whilst ensuring that we are still meeting current goals for clients.


I also spend time analysing how performance could be improved and looking at new ways to drive more success from a campaign. This may involve looking at competitor activity, or analysing consumer activity from a location, time or demographic perspective.


Campaign analysis and reporting

A large part of the role involves analysing data from each campaign to develop reports to feedback to the client. These will include stats on each element of the campaign’s performance, together with forward projections and recommendations. I use a number of tracking and reporting tools, including a lot of Excel! These tools enable me to understand performance trends across all of the key PPC metrics including spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, average cost-per-click, click-through-rates, conversion rates, as well as many other PPC metrics.


By analysing each part of the campaign, I can quickly identify and amend elements of the campaign which are not performing well, such as keywords which are not being searched on, or regions where there is little interest in the client’s brand. With this information I can change my bidding strategy and key messaging in order to maximise the investment.


Content Creation

Creating content such as ad copy and sales messaging for campaigns, and also blog posts, is another part of my role. As an agency we are passionate about sharing our own expertise and insights from our campaigns, therefore I also have a responsibility to create and publish blogs on anything to do with PPC. Having fresh, exciting, informative content on our website reaffirms our position as thought leaders in this industry. This makes me personally proud to work for this company.


Relationship Building

A final, but significant part of the role is to create and manage relationships. This could involve communicating with clients, networking with industry professionals and working productively with fellow team members. This is an important part of the job and one that brings more diversity to the day-to-day campaign management.



Throughout my day I am multi-tasking; I may be researching, analysing, writing, on the phone and working on Google Analytics at any given moment, at the same time. There’s a lot to do and the playing field is always changing which always makes for a busy, but fun day. The online world is growing and changing at a fantastic rate, as a result a specialist in Paid Search marketing and strategy is exciting, and the follow-on career opportunities vast.


Good luck! If you have any questions about starting a career in PPC then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!




Tips to harness mobile search this Christmas, and beyond

Maximising Mobile Ecommerce

Sri recently spoke at the a4uexpo in London.


We thought we would share this presentation with you, which gives some great tips on maximising mobile performance, this Christmas and beyond!


Enjoy! If you have any questions then please do get in touch!