Promoting the Launch of the FitBit Blaze - NMPi Promoting the Launch of the FitBit Blaze - NMPi

Promoting the Launch of the FitBit Blaze:

Driving Sales and Awareness From New and Existing Customers


For the launch of the new FitBit Blaze Cotswold Outdoor, UK outdoor apparel and equipment retailer, tasked NMPi with building awareness of the FitBit Blaze and driving new sales across all products through a full-funnel programmatic display campaign.


To focus on driving new customer sales across the entire Cotswold Outdoor product range, previous visitors to the Cotswold Outdoor site were excluded from the upper-funnel prospecting campaign. By further segmenting first-party audience data, NMPi leveraged look-a-like profiling to reach new users modelled on previous visitors of FitBit and the sporting technology category web pages.

Custom audiences were also created from Cotswold’s site and carefully selected web content aligned to FitBit Blaze. This bespoke combination of website URLs and related keywords generated content themes, allowing NMPi to find qualified new users whom had already shown an interest in the product.

To balance awareness with sales, NMPi included a lower-funnel remarketing campaign to reengage and convert Cotswold user’s who had yet to purchase. High-intent users that had viewed FitBit’s products on the Cotswold Outdoor’s site were retargeted with aggressive messaging encouraging them to return to the site and purchase. Previous relevant site visitors of the Electronics and Gadgets category page were also retargeted, with a less aggressive bid, in line with the lower level of intent to purchase a FitBit product.


Campaign ROAS was 25% above forecast, as a result of detailed and regular in-flight optimisations of all prospecting and remarketing strategies.

Overall CTR was 75% above the UK within vertical display benchmarks by reaching relevant audiences.

49% of all sales generated were from new Cotswold Outdoor customers, as a result of the upper-funnel prospecting campaign.