A Day in the Life: Shalaka Darshane

We let one of our Partnerships Executives – Shalaka Darshane – loose with our Instagram account and asked her to give us a look a what a Day in the Life looks like for her. She was more than happy to oblige.  

9.00 The life of a salesperson involves lots of plate spinning: handling enquiries, planning pitches and taking calls, as well as plenty of out of office time meeting clients and networking. It can mean the days get quite busy! Today, I was heading over to a Webgains event in the afternoon (more on that later), so I needed to fit in as much as I could with only half a day in the office. Since NMPi works with clients across the world, my inbox mysteriously doubles in size overnight, but taking care of emails was made much easier by our charity bake sale for MSF (Doctors Without Borders). I started my day in the right way with a cup of tea accompanied by a brownie, and a cookie, and a slice of cake…

10.00 You can fit the day-to-day work of a salesperson into three boxes: prospecting, pitching and on-boarding. This morning, I was focused on the latter.   On-boarding is all about getting fully prepared for a new launch, so I had an internal handover meeting with the Display team to brief them on our new client and make sure everyone is confident in a successful launch.

12.00 A little break to respond to more emails then followed by a weekly catch up with my line manager. Everyone has a lot of support within their teams, and since the Sales team works on some pretty lengthy processes, it’s really important that we know where we are with all of our prospects and clients.

13.00 Lunchtime! Carrying on our fundraising efforts from MSF, we had a pub quiz over lunch. Since it was such a busy day, I was whisked away off-site before I could show off my trivia knowledge.

Time for our fundraising quiz! #dayinthelife

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13.30 Half the day over already. My colleague and I left the office for an afternoon of speed-networking with Webgains, an affiliate network we work with closely. Part of our role is to build relationships with key contacts so there were lots of friendly, familiar faces when we arrived. The event was hosted at The Fable restaurant in Farringdon and we received a goodie bag on entry – perks of the sales life.

The event starts with an ice-breaker quiz and, determined after missing our lunchtime quiz, I managed to win! First prize? A Lindt Easter egg. It tasted of success.

If you’ve ever been to a speed-networking event before, you’ll know that efficiency is key. It’s an effective and productive way of prospecting for new leads and business opportunities. We had 7 minutes with each client: we asked about their brand, ran through our services and got a sense of whether there is an opportunity to partner. With a short break for canapes in between, we’d perfected our pitch by the end of the day, but we were also tired from all the talking! It’s time for a few networking drinks then home time.

If this sounds like a dream day for you, we’re hiring for a Senior Business Development Manager! Apply here.