Demystifying In-Housing

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Over the past few months, there is one word that keeps cropping up throughout blogs and industry news: in-housing. It’s a word that comes with promises to transform your ways of working and the quality of your marketing overall. Nevertheless, the conversations are full of contradictions, with mixed reports of the success that in-housing can bring, and agencies fighting their corner.

At our latest NMPignite Seminar, DQ&A’s Leo McIntosh set out to work through the fog and show us how in-housing really works.

What is it?

The definition of in-housing as found on Google is: “To bring functions or services into your organisation’s capabilities”. According to Leo, what this definition doesn’t highlight, however, is that “in-housing works on a spectrum. You can tailor your in-housing project to your business goals and requirements”. There are four main areas of focus for in-housing:

  1. People: Upskilling and evolving team infrastructure to execute best-in-class marketing and set foundations for success.
  2. Technology: In-housing technology that can be used to improve your media performance.
  3. Data: Understanding how data can supercharge your marketing and integrating business data to improve performance through insight.
  4. Strategy: Collaboration on achieving and exceeding business objectives through insights from all available resources.

How to Succeed

If you’re wanting to roll out in-housing within your business, Leo offers a clear and actionable model to start you off. Begin in the Discover phase, using an actionable audit to establish a clear and objective picture of your business’s goals. Next, Design a blueprint of a fitting solution to successfully achieve the project goal. Then, you’ll need to Deploy expert implementation of the blueprint across technology, people, media and creative. Finally, in order to continue to Develop, establish an innovation roadmap to drive deeper digital marketing success.

There are a couple of key things to remember:

  • Don’t be overwhelmed, just be excited!
  • Understand what you want to achieve, and form a plan
  • Be open to opportunities and advice

Download Leo’s Slides: Demystifying In-Housing