Did you see a drop in your PPC traffic yesterday?

I was interested to see the post on Google’s Blog yesterday that the Google AdWords system was down for 3 hours yesterday at 9.15pm (GMT) and there were no ad’s shown in Google search results or in their search partners.

I’ve never heard of the Google AdWords system being down before in all my years of PPC and especially not for 3 hours! Google has apologised for the downtime but does not mention the cause of the problem.

If you have seen a dip in traffic yesterday from your PPC campaign, then this could be the reason which is why I thought I’d share this with you.

I will keep this blog updated if/when we hear anything more from Google regarding this issue.

For more information check out Google’s Blog at http://adwords.blogspot.com/2010/06/adwords-ad-serving-issue.html