Enhanced campaigns: New changes to mobile bid management

Last week, Google announced that they will shortly be introducing Ad group mobile bid adjustments for Enhanced campaigns.


What does this mean for advertisers?

This is a fairly substantial modification to the current settings in Enhanced campaigns, which had previously only allowed mobile bids to be set at the campaign level. This arrangement had given cause for concern among advertisers who recognise that the ratio of performance from desktop/tablet to mobile (e.g. in terms of CR, CPA, ROI) often varies on a far more granular level, from keyword to keyword.


As a result, since the launch of Enhanced campaigns, advertisers have been looking for workarounds to enable optimal bids to be set for better mobile targeting. Such approaches include segmenting campaigns based on the ratio of mobile vs desktop/tablet performance, which in itself is not an ideal solution due to the vast number of campaigns that would have to be created and managed.


Subsequently, this latest move by Google will be seen as a positive one by advertisers, as it will enable optimal bids to be set for mobile in a far more effective and efficient manner.


How will this change benefit the advertiser?

This new feature will allow advertisers to have more granular control over mobile max bids, and therefore performance of their mobile campaigns. For example, in any campaign any keywords which don’t convert on mobile can be grouped into Ad groups with the bid multiplier set to -100% which would effectively remove the mobile device as a target destination. Likewise any mobile-specific campaigns can be grouped together and bids set to optimise traffic to this device.


Our top recommendations for using this new feature

  • Analyse the current ratio of desktop/tablet vs mobile max bids on an Ad group level in order to determine what Ad group level bid multipliers you will need to apply. Hopefully the Ad group level bid multipliers will be easy to update in bulk through Ad Words Editor.
  • Analyse which keywords don’t convert on mobile, group these into Ad groups in your desktop/tablet campaigns and set the bid multiplier to zero.
  • Importantly, we would suggest that you hold off upgrading accounts with a high proportion of mobile traffic until this functionality is available from next month.


We hope you found this article useful, and if we can assist with your Enhanced campaign transition / set up then as always please do get in touch!