Facebook unveils new Canvas ads.

Facebook Releases Canvas Ads for Mobile

Facebook recently launched yet another interactive, and vibrant ad platform: Canvas. Hot on the heels of it’s roll-out of Carousel Ads last year, Facebook has gone the extra mile for advertisers, and users with a new innovative, and immersive, ad experience. Big name brands such as Target, Wendy’s and Netflix, have been quick jump on-board and build stunning ad platforms.

Benefits to advertisers: Effective Mobile Ads
As most mobile ads are intrusive and provide little to no value or relevancy to the user, advertisers should endeavour to provide an actionable experience for consumers.

Canvas frees advertisers from restrictive ad measures and gives brands more creative control. The ad are easy to construct and implement. Advertisers can build beautiful, fluid ads using videos, stills, and calls-to-action that feel native and seamless. It also makes it less likely for users to abandon the ads. Cumbersome, clunky ads and slow load times have been cited as the main reasons potential customers abandon a website.

The biggest benefit seems to lie in retail, where the platform has the ability to become another quick access point shopping channel. Amy Worley, VML’s Managing Director of Channel Activation, suggested, “An ad format like this has the potential to become much more of a shopping experience.”

Canvas ads are a marked improvement on Carousel and autoplay ads. They are customisable and open quickly from a click on the Facebook newsfeed straight into an immersive experience.

Benefits to Users: Mobile, Fast, and User Friendly
The platform is tailored to mobile, and the ads are designed to be visually appealing, all whilst being built to load ten times faster than traditional web pages. This makes the platform fast and rewarding. Canvas is beautifully designed, and easy to navigate, making it an enjoyable experience.

Benefits to Facebook
It’s not just advertisers and mobile users that benefit from this new ad platform, Facebook will reap plenty of rewards because the entire ad experience remains squarely within Facebook’s platform. There are fewer links leading out – much like what we saw with publishers using Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Facebook will also see a nice bump in revenue as this rich media platform entices marketers to increase their ad spend to get in on the latest ad trend. Mobile comprises 73% of Facebook’s ad revenue so it’s no small wonder that they are keen to push this format out to brands.