FBX is now available within DBM


In a really exciting development for the Real Time Bidding landscape, today Google announced that Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) is now available in DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).


Users will see the below announcement when they log in to DoubleClick Bid Manager:



In October last year, Google first made it known that it will be allowed access to the significant pool of inventory available on Facebook via its Demand Side Platform, DBM, which plugs into the Facebook Ad Exchange.


Today, Google have announced that the Facebook inventory is now readily available to be accessed. This new partnership will allow advertisers to purchase Facebook Ads through DBM. It also brings the technology for DoubleClick advertisers to target Facebook users based on their visits to webpages outside of Facebook.


This marks a significant development for DoubleClick; Facebook currently accounts for close to 25% of all Display impressions and as such is a significant part of the Display and Real Time Bidding landscape.


Facebook offers a whole host of marketing opportunities for brands and digital marketers to tap into, not least in respect to the new integration opportunities that this has opened up between Facebook and Paid Search. For example, advertisers can now integrate their Paid Search audience data with Facebook, with their Facebook remarketing messaging informed by signals from their customers search behaviour.


Being able to use granular Paid Search audience data across such a large scale inventory source such as Facebook is a fantastic opportunity which until today has never been possible, and we are excited to be testing this on day one for our clients.


Watch this space!