Google’s Latest Innovation: Google ACE

At Net Media Planet we make sure we keep up with the latest developments from Google and I am pleased that we are now one of the preferred partners to test out Google’s latest innovation: Google ACE.

Google ACE is Google AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) which is a tool that allows you to test different strategies for keywords, ad groups and placements within your Google campaign and then allows you to measure the performance of your test. This tool is very useful for the optimisation of our PPC campaigns and at the team are thrilled to  have been accepted on the beta programme for this latest innovation.

For more information on Google ACE  check out the Google ACE video below…

How does it work?

When you are confirmed as being part of the Google ACE trial you will see a new option appear in the advanced settings of your Google campaign settings….

Google Experiment Tav

This then allows you to name the test you are trying out as well as putting in start and end dates for how long you want the test to run. Once you have set the test up you then go back to your campaign and make the changes you want to the keywords or ad groups and select the tick box ‘add as experiment only’…

Google Ace Settings

Once you have added the keywords or ad groups you want to test you will then see a new ‘test tube ‘symbol next to the keywords or ad groups you are running the test on, to highlight where you are running the test…

Even though the team here have only recently started running tests,  we have are all very hopeful that Google ACE will be a great help in maximising the performance of our PPC campaigns in the future. We will continue to test ACE on different PPC campaigns and I will keep you posted on any further developments.

For more infomation on Google Ace visit: