Happy New Year from Sri!

By Sri Sharma, Managing Director, Net Media Planet

One year closes and a fresh new one begins. I am excited and raring to go. There are lots of inspiring technology changes in our world of paid search marketing, ones that were announced in 2009 and will be coming into play in 2010, not least the dawn of real time search.

Today, however, I am impatiently awaiting the phantom Apple Tablet / iGuide / iSlate or whatever it’ll be called. This will bring a shift in the world of mobile computing and with it a shift in search with opportunities for paid search marketing. As our industry moves at a rate of knots, my focus remains, as ever, to find the value and opportunity that will make a difference for our clients.

Here’s to a successful year ahead to all our clients, partners and suppliers. I’m looking forward to working with each of you!