Net Media Planet become Google Certified Partner

Net Media Planet gain Google Certification

Net Media Planet are awarded official Google Certification

This week Net Media Planet met with the criteria to become part of Google Certified Partner scheme that was launched in May 2010 to replace Google previous Advertising Professionals Qualification Scheme.

As a Google Certified Partner, Net Media Planet are now certified to carry out the following tasks on behalf of clients…

  • Top to bottom review of client websites, business models, and industry.
  • Analysis to determine client’s core keywords.
  • Creation of ad copy to promote client’s website on Google AdWords.
  • Determination of appropriate daily budget, ad scheduling, network targeting, and match type(s).
  • Determination of appropriate maximum cost-per-click and landing pages for specific keywords.
  • Appropriate follow-up and campaign monitoring.
  • Maintain a billing & mailing address in a country where company qualification is available.
  • Employ one Qualified Individual in the program.
  • Attain a specific level of total ad spend (varies by country) within the company’s My Client Center account during the previous 90-day period.

The latest developments in the search industry

Net Media Planet prides itself on keeping up to date with all of the latest developments within the search marketing industry and every two years have to retake the Google AdWords fundamental and advanced exams for all of it’s campaign management team to ensure we are familiar with new developments within the Google AdWords program.

For information regarding Net Media Planet’s Certified Partner Qualifications please visit