Net Media Planet Blog Watch – 19th October

Blog Watch
In the blogs this week…
Here is our weekly update on the latest developments in Search Marketing that we have found of interest this week. If you’ve got any tips / suggestions of stories that we’ve missed but you think are interesting, do let us know.

1. Article of the Week: SEO page rank update for natural results

2. Bing & Facebook sharing info

3. Facebook Ad Algorithm Cracked

4. Google new feature of displaying images of sites in the SERPS 

5. Google TV Latest

6. Google is transparent says Google UK boss

7. Google launch sitelinks for Mobile advertisers

8. Adcenter allows you to target just Yahoo Search rather than all of Yahoo Search Partners

9. Interflora and M&S search dispute goes to EU courts

10. Google In-Page option coming for Google Analytics

11. AOL to take over Yahoo?