Net Media Planet Blog Watch – 1st October

Blog Watch

In the blogs this week…

Here is our weekly update on the latest developments in Search Marketing that we have found of interest this week. If you’ve got any tips / suggestions of stories that we’ve missed but you think are interesting, do let us know.

1. Article of the Week: Google’s Blue Arrow in Search Results

& Google Keyboard Shortcuts for use whilst on Google Sites

 2. Twitter launch new ad platform: promoted accounts

 3. Interesting article on how negative keywords and broad matching do not effect overall Quality Score of PPC campaigns

 4. Google’s view on what the future of display advertising will look like

 5. Rumours Facebook are to release their own mobile phone

 6. Google’s Keyword Tool is now out of beta

 7. Estimated top impressions now available in Google Bid Simulator

 8. Interesting insight into how people search on desktop’s during the day and on mobile in the evening

 9. TechCrunch is bought by AOL

10. Facebook overtakes Yahoo into number 2 spot for most watched viedo content sites

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