New Google Enhanced Campaigns – Top 5 Things to Know


Last night Google announced some significant changes to Adwords which are called ‘Enhanced Campaigns’. The changes intend to improve the effectiveness and ease with which advertisers can connect with potential customers in a multi-device world.


There are some important changes and exciting opportunities that are coming over the next 6 months. Here are the top 5 :


1.Tablet and Desktop targeting is combining


Today, in Google Adwords, we can target by tablet, desktop and smartphone.

In Enhanced Campaigns, tablet and desktop targeting is combined. This means you can’t target a tablet device exclusively. Google’s view is that tablet design is similar enough to that of a computer and so to merge the two simplifies effort for advertisers. This does make sense, however, from an alternative view point, I do think that tablet user behaviour is actually quite different to a computer user behaviour and tablet sales are only growing. So I could say merits separate targeting.

The same keyword would be used to target a desktop, tablet and smartphone user. However, we will be able to reach the smartphone differently to a desktop/tablet user by setting a different bid multiplier. For example, an advertiser can set their keyword bids for a campaign to be 50% higher when an ad is triggered by a search on a smartphone or -100% to prevent the smartphone bid showing.


2. Enhanced sitelinks ad extensions


Today sitelinks are set on a campaign level and reporting is on an aggregate level.

In Enhanced Campaigns, sitelinks are managed on an adgroup level and you will be able to report on individual sitelinks performance. So if you have 6 sitelinks, promoting different offers, you can identify which offer is working best.

Secondly, new scheduling features will allow you to show the sitelinks on certain days or times. So if you have a sale coming up, you could show your ‘Sale Now On’ sitelinks for a set time period.


3. Proximity bidding for smartphones


A year ago Google launched a Beta called Proximity bidding which we successfully tested for driving footfall instore.

In Enhanced Campaigns, this is fully rolled out. This feature will allow you to target smartphone users who are in the proximity of your physical stores. For example, you could increase your smartphone bid by 30% if the potential customer is within a 1 mile radius.


4. New conversion types tracked in reporting


Enhanced Campaigns will offer reporting for new conversion types such as Calls and App downloads. In the future, I have heard ebook and music downloads as reporting types are coming too.


5.Cross-device tracking and attribution

Google have shared that in the months to come, you will be able to analyse user journeys across devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone. I think this is extremely exciting as it will enable you to attribute value not just down the buying cycle but across devices – which is missing today.

You may find my predictions for 2013 blog interesting as I talk about cross device tracking, Google’s approach using Google account holder data and Drawbridge’s using statistical modelling.

Clearly, some important changes and exciting opportunities are on their way! We’ll post again in the days to come as we start to see the changes go live, test them and see the results.