Get to Know Gerard Moussault, Managing Director Benelux

Before you came to NMPi, you worked at Cadreon helping them grow from the beginning. Why this new step?

After five years, I thought it was time for a new adventure. Cadreon gave me the opportunity to pioneer and build the brand. I’m very proud of what we have achieved in this period. I worked with a passionate team, created high-quality innovations, and exceeded our ambitious targets. With NMPi I have the freedom to build up the brand in the Benelux market. The base is pretty strong; I have all the ingredients to pioneer, to stay ahead and to offer our customers the best solutions.


How important is the international expansion for NMPi?

International expansion is important for NMPi; it gives us to the opportunity to work with international clients in an efficient way. We can make arrangements at international level and can instruct local teams to achieve the best services. It creates a unique position which brings us different client segments.  

Furthermore, an international network provides us with a lot of experience; this expertise allows us to help customers in other parts of the world.

Finally, an international network attracts specialists who we can use for multiple countries, think about the emergence of VR and AR.


What are the growth opportunities for NMPI?

NMPi wants to offer customers a complete solution for data integration, smart-transparent media buying and the link to creation in this process. Connecting CRM systems and external data for successful execution of media and creation are our daily business; we see our client results improve every day. We expect tremendous growth in the upcoming years and want to ensure that we have the combination of technology, media knowledge and creative expertise in-house.


A recent study from Deloitte shows there is a strong trend towards in-house programmatic technology. At the same time, there is a problem for advertisers to gathering specialist knowledge. What is your experience? And how NMPi is responding?

We encourage getting in-house technology and knowledge from advertisers. Our sister company DQ&A is a reseller of advertising technology, offering consultancy and services.

At NMPI we act as an extension of our client’s marketing departments, regardless of the owner of the technology. We help continuously stimulate our customer’s to keep up-to-date of specialist knowledge.


Because of the latest developments such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, we humans have become less necessary. Especially in automated media buying, robot media buyer is already available. What do you think about this?

We can do a lot with artificial intelligence, some things a human never will be able to. Conversely, there is also much that only a human can do or decide. It doesn’t matter how fast developments are going; this will not change. We standardise and automate as much as possible. It creates more space for business and to create impact. In the end, nothing beats the human intelligence.